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  1. I'm with TalkTalk and pay £17.70 a month line rental for unlimited broadband and currently getting free (and unlimited) calls to landlines and mobiles. I was previously charged £7.50 a month for this but with the cyber attack, I got this free as they offered 'free upgrades'. TalkTalk do have some negatives though, namely the foreign customer service staff - difficult to understand but a way around this is to use the Web Chat facility. I thought Sky were a good provider for broadband and landline phone but expensive for TV.
  2. On the subject of dentists, my practice is currently accepting new NHS patients. This is a link to their website as applications can only be submitted on-line: https://www.mydentist.co.uk/dentists/practices/england/yorkshire-and-the-humber/sheffield/306-310-shalesmoor I've been going since 2009 and have always had a good service from the dentists and reception staff. Once drawback is that dentists are often late with waits of 45 minutes being normal. They were 20 minutes late today though. Hope this information helps anyone looking for an NHS dentist.
  3. Why not join a group and help pick it up?
  4. The co-op on Pinstone Street is absolutely terrible. I've been in three times in the last year and the queues are always long as they are short staffed. I asked, on the most recent visit for '30 Marlboro Red' and the girl looked confused! You don't have to be very intelligent to add 20 and 10 to realise a 10 and 20 pack amounts to 30!! I hate the co-op and intend not to visit their shops again - unless there is no alternative and I'm in a rush. On the subject of self-service - I wasn't aware the Co-op had them but based on my experiences of the co-op, I would use them and not have to deal with the check-out staff.
  5. I'm sick of hearing about this plan. They were going on about it nearly ten years ago and all we've got are empty shops along Cambridge Street. I note that Sheffield Money opened up there recently so not sure if that row of shops is now going to be demolished. Can't they do anything right? I asked the barbers opposite Debenhams if there are any plans for them to move out and they told me 'none at all'. I asked as I thought with the Grovenor Hotel being demolished that the attached shops would be too - meaning they would have to re-locate.
  6. Thanks, I'll watch it when it's uploaded to YouTube and not deleted for 'copyright issues'.
  7. So why do the 'minorities' always get special treatment whilst the native children get abandoned?
  8. Usually it's an indicator of each minute, in duration a phone call lasts so you can determine the length without looking.......by counting the bleeps! Go into settings, select 'Call' and you'll find how to switch it off. Failing that - go into 'Tone settings' and scroll and you'll eventually find something about it. What brand is your phone?
  9. Is this series worse than the fifth one? I rang Channel 5 to ask if they were going to broadcast it and they said it would be broadcast on Spike in April this year. No sign of it yet. ---------- Post added 05-04-2016 at 16:12 ---------- Just phoned Channel 5 and they said that series 6 isn't going to be broadcast at all by them, on Channel 5 or Spike. The guy said that they retain the rights to screen series 5 but no dates have been announced, as yet. It will be repeated on Spike. Just in case anyone wanted to know.
  10. I wont be retiring for 40 years yet so aren't bothered about pensions. The way things are going I'll probably die before being eligible for one anyway.
  11. That's what multi-culturalism does I'm afraid - renders the dominant, native population as second class so the governments and interested parties can import more and more outsiders and then bring about division and then rule without being held to account as we'll all be blaming each other for our problems. Well done to the do-gooder types. Looks like you are winning.
  12. Sorry to revive an old thread but thought I'd provide an update....... I never did buy or find any videos and realise that most people aren't interested in them anymore (justified) so have given up looking. The reason I asked on here was that I thought I could get films on the cheap as DVDs have replaced old VHS. I've still got my VCR player and a few videos but it's not likely I'll have it much longer as the quality of the videos is declining and will soon be un-watchable. Thanks to everyone that read and contributed.
  13. Just board the X78 from the interchange and eventually you'll be in Donny.
  14. I truly hope the government have vetoed any money going to waste on this. We need the money for more important things in life, like protecting welfare payments for those that need it and paying devoted immigration staff for their efforts in stopping us being invaded. Say no to public money being used on 'Understanding the universe' - a scam.
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