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  1. Been without a gas fire for the last two weeks, reported it, but the council cant come for another two weeks., Good job its summer
  2. Lots of police cordoned off the flats there. Looks like a serious incident. Heard trouble around there last night. Not sure whats happening though. No access around there though.
  3. Has anyone heard anything more about the armed police siege that took place on Morgan road this afternoon? I saw armed police surrounding a house on there at 12.30. But i was ordered to move on before i could find out anything more.
  4. wait until January 2016, then the government has banned the use of electric bicycles!!, those over the 250Kw motor range are banned for use in public spaces, the ones with motors 250kw or under have to have a metal ID plate riveted onto the bicycle with the motor number and battery output. Whats next?, will they introduce mandatory number plates for all bicycles?. Its looking like it to me. http://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules
  5. Its all to often the case when your in the city centre. I get all sort of rude comments. either when I am on my push bike or walking along the pedestrian walk ways. Its T=====r this or T==t that. Its water off a ducks back as far as i am concerned. Where i draw the line though is when you get assaulted for no good reason. It takes a huge effort not to fight back. It would not be worth having a criminal record for the undoubted police involvement afterwards.
  6. even tory MPs are benefit scrounger, so it goes from the very top to the very bottom of society. The most sensible way to improve the situation is to bring in a national subsistence allowance for everyone. Then people would not be worried (or hounded to death) by the DWP. Its in people genes to better themselves, so languishing on the (meager) but sustaining allowance would be a hopefully temporary arrangement. people would be able to better themselves and others by working for not only themselves but for society. Its just not happening with this present system, EVERYONE is out for number one. I am alright jack seems to be the message of the day.
  7. I will make the effort to see him in the flesh. He is being made into some sort of hugely divisive man . (good or bad) for the party is debatable. But as with everything seeing and listening for yourself is the only way you can form any sort of true picture of anyone. He should be worth seeing.
  8. What a good idea !! I wonder how long I have been saying the exact same thing on here!. For sometime I think. Its really common sense, if its clear and you pose no danger to yourself or anyone else, where is the harm?? I will continue to practice the art of red light running. it just makes the journey a little bit safer for myself (AND OTHERS)
  9. Dont worry about it, because now the DWP are forcing the long term unemployed into working at least a thirty hour week. I am in a very similar situation, I have lost count of the job applications i have sent off. The number of interviews that have come out of those is very disappointing. and these have come to nothing. So now if you claim JSA to keep it you have to work at WHATEVER THEY GIVE YOU. You don't have any choice in the matter. Its crazy i know but that's how they work. so suddenly the choice of what job you can do is taken away from you.
  10. This is an old topic I know but i just wanted to Share a good news story. I went to the registry office, looking for some information. The staff where very helpful but unfortunately they could not help me with my request. While i was there rifling through various documents that i had brought to show, I dropped my driving license(of course i didn't see it). So for three days i was frantically checking the lost and found section on here as well as calling into the police station to see if any kind soul had handed it in.No luck, but after three days it popped through the post, one of the staff at the registry office had found it laying on the desk and had sent it back to me. I cant thank them enough for that. thought they deserved a mention:love:
  11. You really don't know what the effects of a four week benefits sanctions are. Its not just the lack of money from the JSA. but you lose housing benefit, coucil tax benefit, you get being on your rent, you receive fines for missed direct debit payments from your bank, you get into even more debt. if your rents over due too much then you get a repossession order against you. ohh that's not taking into account that for those four weeks you have NOTHING TO EAT. If it was not for the food bank I really dont know what i would have done. its made me realize how much of a knife edge being unemployed puts you on. Dont mention about hardship payments because if you have less that ten pounds in your bank account they say your not in hardship!!. you cant get less than ten pounds out of the machine in the wall.
  12. No I dont have any on the road bicycle. I have my obligatory thumb bell, to make pedestrians aware that I am approaching them on the shared cycle ways. I have my led lights as well, along with my fluorescent tabard, along with matching cycle clips...Is there anything else i can do to make myself more visible??. After all the motorist of this city need all the help they can get to see cyclist!!!! ---------- Post added 02-07-2015 at 14:26 ---------- They had Lights fitted along with sirens, I heard them when they went through the lights at the bottom of co-op. it was just a quick blast as they went through. But why not put them on if they had an emergency??. especially if they broke the speed limit, which i probably think they did when they got the chance. was there an important trail going on at the courts today?. Maybe they had an important visitor / or the judge might be having forty winks and didn't want to be disturbed!!
  13. Maybe its not such a surprise that cyclists are seen as scum on the roads of South Yorkshire. Even the Police are getting in on the act, Today i was cycling past the law courts at Snig hill. There are roadworks taking place at the moment so the four lanes are reduced to two, with cones denoting the opposing lanes. Never the less two Police vans coming up behind me blasted their horns for me to move out of their way. I am sorry but i had nowhere to go, except getting off my bike and mounting the pavement on the opposite side of the road!. After all the road works only go on for maybe four / five hundred yards, they might have been on a emergency call, but there were no sirens / blue lights flashing. so I was I supposed to know, or anyone else for that matter?. They did tear off up towards the old co-op, so its a possibility. But it was dangerous coming up behind a cyclists and blowing their horns when they where two yards behind my ear!!!
  14. You have to get there early to bag any!!. I arrived at 10am on Thursday and there were at least eight people waiting the staff to put them out. Then there was nearly a fight over them, people where literally taking fifty- sixty at a time. in two minutes the pallet of maybe two, three hundred chickens was gone. people were complaining that they should be a limit on how many people can buy at once. In fact the staff said they could only put six at a time through the tills. so people had to wait for these people with sixty or more chicken to pay for them six at a time.
  15. that's a new one to me!. I will have to start recording those unsuitable jobs or else i could get a second sanction. Thanks for the heads up:thumbsup:
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