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Pinders Schoolwear

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Depends what you're after.


If it's school logo stuff, then there's a chance, as with my kids' school, that they are the sole supplier (which I thought was supposed to have been outlawed a year or too ago).


Stuff does tend to be pretty good quality and washes well. Their sizing seems to be a bit all over the place though, so make sure you take the kids and they try them on whilst they are there - and allow for an autumn growth spurt!!


For their non-logo stuff - it depends on the items - I've bought trousers from them which have lasted ages, still look good and the kids have found them comfy but they have been more expensive than some of the supermarkets for some things.


For non logo items, I find Sainsburys very competitive and good quality and design, especially when Sainsburys have a promotion on - think they might have at the moment. I find Sainsburys uniform is a lot better quality than some of the other supermarkets and other household name retailers.

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Better to give them a ring to check they have the uniform you need before you travel an hour to get there, we travelled there and they didn't have what we needed and no chance of getting it either. We always buy from the school directly now (chaucer) might cost a bit more but at least you can order what you need and normally get it quite quickly.

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