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  1. Its a nasty place at the weekend, only time to go is around 10.30 on a weekday morning
  2. Some young professionals would certainly sort this area out.
  3. That's what sf is for... i am sure people confuse this site for google.
  4. Cheaper to get a travel lodge surely ? There is one just of the parkway which does rooms for 41 quid,a mate is a regular and the manager gives him an awkward smile They only use it for a few hours in the afternoon. ...
  5. Msg always makes my sleep very restless, if I have a Chinese I like to have it very early in the evening , opening time if possible
  6. I find any chinese take away food makes me sleep poorly and makes me thirsty Thats the over use of msg for you!
  7. I think I may have been wrong, here is a selection suitable for young professionals http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/property/sheffield/?include_retirement_homes=true&include_shared_ownership=true&keywords=Young%20professional%20&new_homes=include&q=Sheffield%2C%20South%20Yorkshire&results_sort=newest_listings&search_source=home Incudes one in Mosborough !!!
  8. I know its quite shocking, i have yet to see an estate advert which mentions "suitable for young professionals" in the mosborough area
  9. Young professionals don't seem to like the area.....
  10. Replying to a thread that is 7 years old...........................
  11. Yes an area of the motorway was relayed, Obvs the deaths are very sad, but you have to feel for people stuck in the traffic, and there is nothing worse then needing a pee stuck in traffic for hours
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