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  1. Not been trading under the ltd company for long really https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09269976
  2. Better to give them a ring to check they have the uniform you need before you travel an hour to get there, we travelled there and they didn't have what we needed and no chance of getting it either. We always buy from the school directly now (chaucer) might cost a bit more but at least you can order what you need and normally get it quite quickly.
  3. It took about 12 hours for my vision to return to normal after the op
  4. Lease wasn't renewed and they decided to call it a day
  5. Seems a tad expensive to me...looking closely and reading carefully, they are checking most stuff, topping up the oil and other fluids as needed, but only replacing the oil and air filter. I would assume that if anything else needs replacing it will cost extra.
  6. Abbs....Its the way of the world I'm afraid, anyone who doesn't conform to what others perceive to be 'normal', are targeted daily. Its not just you and your friends, there are 1000s of people who are forced into living a very difficult life because of the way they choose to be. Rise above what others throw your way and be true to yourself, believe in yourself and be happy !
  7. I am well aware what its called thanks...point is you are a waste carrier....not licensed to strip anything
  8. So if your are .....just a carrier...... you shouldn't be.........stripping it all down before weighing it in.... should you ?
  9. I can't find you to check, which name are you registered under and for what please ?
  10. Your landlord should serve you with a section 25 notice, but don't hold your breath. Landlords of commercial property can and do get away with just turning up and locking you out. Unless you can afford a really good solicitor you will be sunk.
  11. I like it ...pretty & twinkly, brightens up the area, some nice lights would be good too.
  12. Negotiate a price for the work he has done, pay that, get your car back and take it somewhere else.
  13. Yes heard about this tragic accident this afternoon R.I.P thoughts are with the family
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