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  1. There is one in the industrial units at the back of Meadowhall they have always been ok you get about £2/3 per bag so it soon adds up
  2. My son is wanting a 3/4 day course in plastering, can anyone recommend anywhere local to Sheffield
  3. Which pub are you putting it in We love Bar Billiards the tables are hard to find in Sheffield Steelers Sports Bar and Cross scythes are the ones we use
  4. You can park in staples free for 1 hour or Decathlon £1 per hour max 2 hours
  5. The police have closed the road at Hemsworth Road / Warminster Road junction and Derbyshire Lane / Mount View Road No idea why but there is a lot of police about
  6. I used to have a link to report when the grit bin is empty, but can’t seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please
  7. Try the Movit app it gives you all the transport available If you get on the tram them no6 bus it takes 35 mins and little/ no walking Other options are available:)
  8. I always have full service on my phone with Tesco Mobile, however over the last few days I have had only 1 bar or no service. A new sim ha# made no difference. Is anyone else have problems?
  9. Post #49 has more details, it's a 7am start.
  10. I find the staff most helpful, and the queues soon go down. You can get a day pass although you can't buy you can have a look around and make your own mind up as to whether it's worth you paying for a pass
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