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  1. Don't suppose they collect sats or suns? If so do you have the number
  2. Hi do you know where abouts and if might be open sats ? I can't find a name or tel number for them ---------- Post added 17-02-2017 at 16:04 ---------- I found a number for u bring we buy Langsett rd but like many others doesn't work
  3. Does anyone know anywhere in sheffield that stil does the cash for clothes ? Pref collection as have 15 black sacks full .tried few places online and lot don't cover sheffield and lot out of business now , just wanted bit money to c9ver petrol as going away next week and lot of clothes hardly worn sum even have tags on stil
  4. Dempseys bar and Nightclub. Friday's and Saturdays are now £2.50 ENTRY between 9pm-12pm Friday's come along and enjoy Karaoke between 8pm-12pm.
  5. Beat the recession get down to Dempseys on a Tuesday-open til 4am Drinks from £1 House vodka-Rum-Brandy-Whiskey-Gin-Carlsberg-wildshots-Energy bombs-Cheeky v-Carling-Strongbow-John smiths-Stowford press. 2 Rooms Commercial Pop and Chart http://www.dempseys-sheffield.com like us on facebook.
  6. Dempseys Bar and Club -1 Hereford Street, S1 4PR Every sunday served 1pm-4pm- Choose from 4 different meats-beef,pork,turkey,lamb Mashed and Roast potatoes 6 vegetables Yorkshire Puddings and the best homemade gravy in town. Adults £5.50 Kids £4.50 ONLY £5 WITH NUS CARD AND FREE REGULAR SOFT DRINK(2pm-4pm)
  7. Dempseys Bar and Club -1 Hereford Street, S1 4PR- All you can Eat Buffet- Every Monday 5pm-8pm, £4 per head, nice variety including English, speciality curries and Thai.
  8. Dempseys Bar and club- Now have a night every Wednesday , open til 4am, £1 Drinks til 1am, come on down and line them drinks up.
  9. i went to chaucer, was year below stuart stancill, he is now my best friend who i work and holiday with
  10. thanks i hav got some official ones of him, im now after somethin bit more natural, not as posed as the official photos.
  11. can anyone help me, i have a 14 year old niece who has lost her shayne ward memorabilia due to a house fire, the thing that most devasted her was losing her scrap book of actual photos of him, we can replace the posters the albums etc but the actual photos of meetings , unfortunatly the photos she had where stored on camera and her computer which were destroyed, everything has now been replaced but the photos so if there are any other fans out there who can help even if the photos have you or other people in they can all be included in a scrap book, ive bought official pictures of him to replace ones shes lost but arnt the same as a natural photo, i will gladly pay for any copies anyone may have.
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