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  1. I'd love to find some retro clothes for my children. Do any of these kinds of stores sell kids clothes too?
  2. Surely by boycotting the waiting staff will suffer all the more - when few customers equals less profits meaning less shifts available to work and even job cuts?
  3. Tesco have a school embroidery service, but it's not for all schools unfortunately. Check if yours is supplied.
  4. Ahh that explains it, I think I did see a poster for this. Thank you.
  5. Does anybody know if there is something going on in this area today please? There's been loud music all day and it's still going on now.
  6. He could have been threatening their families. Their children, there's no audio so we don't know what he was saying. I don't condone their actions at all and think the fire extinguisher for the cigarette was completely ott but if somebody threatened my family I may react in a similar way. Maybe it was just instinctive? I'm sure they regret it now.
  7. I hope the guys ok. Bit of a bizarre story to read. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tesco-store-manager-accused-beating-5793563
  8. Glad he's on the mend and his injuries weren't too serious. Thank you for updating.
  9. I was walking down city road once with my pram and there was a car parked on the path and tram tracks and a busy main road on the other side. There was barely enough room to get me and my pram through but as soon as the inconsiderate owner saw he was straight out apologising and moving his nice posh car
  10. As I was driving to work this morning I went across manor park roundabout and saw there was an incident. Police and ambulance in attendance and I saw there was a car and a bike on the ground. It's been on my mind all day and I hope nobody was badly injured. I know there's a school round there. Does anybody know if all was ok?
  11. I use Garry's butchers every week and am struggling to park at the moment there. Better parking would be great. I'm gonna walk this week but it's not gonna be fun carting a massive sack of potatoes home under the pram
  12. My 5yr old attends Intake school on Mansfield Road and we always cross at the lights virtually right outside of the school. Virtually every single day somebody on either side of the road drives straight through a red light. Not just amber but red. It happens so frequently now it's actually quite shocking. My son always has hold of my hand or the pushchair and we only cross when we see the green man but there are children that cross on their own. The school has notified us that the crossing patrol person is on indefinite leave but I do wonder if there was somebody there if it would even make a difference. Quite a few parents have mentioned this as it's happening all the time. If there's a crossing, a school and children everywhere and you still don't stop at a crossing exactly what will make you stop?
  13. He is still under the speech and language therapist and Rygate said they will see him once a year.
  14. I have four children. My husband and I both work and it's a struggle. I think we're still struggling at the moment because we moved house last year and it cost us a fortune, plus the house needs so much doing to it. There seems to be very little or no spare cash at the moment. I honestly don't know how people that don't earn a wage get by and from watching some of these horrible benefit programmes I don't really think they do. I think it's a bit of a misconception because a lot look like they are living in squalor. On the subject of claiming MORE benefits because your child has special educational needs, I don't understand why having a child with ADHD means that you need more money? My eldest son has autistic spectrum disorder and doesn't cost any more to keep. He's not disabled; he has pretty bad speech delays, he has horrendous meltdowns, is invasive of others personal space, has very few social skills and is meticulous in how he has to do things. This is not a disability requiring an "allowance", this is a state of mind that my husband and I, his siblings, other close family, friends and teacher simply have to accept and cope with calmly and rationally on a daily basis. I'm skeptical that parents with children with these kinds of behavioural issues are getting their doctors to diagnose in order to acquire more benefits tbh.
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