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Parked cars and right of way

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yes I come across regularly in my commute - it seems to be all ages / genders, however I think nowadays almost anything goes when driving .. yesterday whilst stuck in the Sheffield United traffic waiting to turn left onto Olive Grove Rd, we observed 8 cars turn left behind us into the no entry Charlotte Road so that they didn't have to queue for a couple of minutes to get to the legal left turn !!

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If I drive it is usually in a van. I have noticed a number of drivers who, when you have already set off (whilst the way is clear) down a section of carriageway narrowed by parked vehicles, will still try to squeeze or force their way through, rather than hang back a few seconds. Some people are just impatient though. I don't mind letting people through whenever I can, I'd rather be calm and courteous than in a rush and stressed :)

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Most older drivers like to have a moan, I have not really come across this problem.


Many kid drivers think they know it all and don't even realise they have done wrong and that's the problem


I quite often find when someone comes barging through it's usually some silly old biddy, who looks totally unaware they've even caused any bother.


Even when you've gotta reverse out of the way as you were 1/2 way down the road anyway :rant::rant::rant:

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i find the majority of drivers totally ignorant and expect someone else to give way for them when there are parked cars on both sides. i give way more than my fair share, to avoid a collision. i always give way to drivers coming uphill whethr the cars are on my side or not. as i would expect another driver to do for me, to prevent me having to change to 1st gear and pick up speed and use alot more fuel.

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