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  1. oh dear! that might describe us.. the 'dullards' ??!! mind you some of them had more than a pint during that time (each) and i didn't touch the sarnies, got bad stomach ache from them once so never again as for me anyway, i Do like doing the quiz but it would be nice if they had someone who could read, and get through a sentence without a hitch, then it wouldn't go on too long
  2. has anyone been randomly or otherwise, chosen to answer a survey on behalf of a government organisation ? thoughts please
  3. oh well at least it seems no one who goes there or works there looks on here, i'm not commenting on the quiz itself e.g. the questions or if some annoying people cheat, i'm just pointing out the ridiculously poor way it's run
  4. yes, i thought it would flag up my earlier comment before posting but evidently it didn't, i just wondered if anyone else had been to this particular pub and knew what i meant , as for someone mentioning the Lathkill (presumably near Woodthorpe?) the Fat Cat does that, there is no microphone so the guy has to walk round shouting the questions in every room . as for not liking quizzes, i agree i've been to pubs before where if i'm not doing the quiz it's a real distraction. and if i am, people having a loud conversation nearby is distracting!
  5. has anyone been to the quiz at the Rising Sun near Fulwood on Sunday night in the last few months ? it's an absolute joke, there have been at least 4 lads who have attempted to do it, one is semi decent, the others either can't get through a whole question without fluffing a word or more, they repeat things needlessly, and sometimes like tonight drag it out so long that people were losing the will to live. ok, don't go, you all say, but it's a great place, and their quiz is Sometimes half decent when they can get through the questions and finish at a reasonable time
  6. try and find one which teaches them how to indicate, and/or doesn't tell them they can immediately forget what they've learnt the second they've passed their test!
  7. great to see i'm not alone here, and as for people shouting , i was in what i thought was a respectable out of town pub but just a few drunken idiots who looked far too well paid and semi decent to be making a hell of a noise. i'm not a killjoy ... there were 2 sides to the pub but there was no room to sit/stand in the quieter side although more people in there . i refused to go to the bar to get a second drink and of course, the pub manager/landlord loves the drinkers cos they're making them more money!
  8. why does it have to be loud? i'm not suggesting it should be really quiet, just at a medium level then if they automatically equate 'loud' with being 'better' they can gradually turn it up as the evening goes on .
  9. does anyone else like to hear music when they go to a pub/bar, but not so loud that you can't talk/hear your friends i complained in one place recently and i thought the bar staff were going to be quite helpful, and just get the dj to turn it down a notch ... but they just stood around the bar and had a laugh about me Fair enough if it is late in the evening but i'm sure lots of people would like to use places early on and not be drowned out by what's playing ... but not just get a narrow minded suggestion to go to a Wetherspoons pub where there's (usually) no music
  10. it prompted me to do a search on the one i used tonight, and the kebab shop on the same road (in Woodseats S8 ) .. both have 4 star ratings, so that's fairly reassuring . spread the word about that place in Beighton
  11. anyone else go in some pubs where the staff are quite unfriendly? i don't mean they're rude or hostile but even tho they might not be on great money (neither are some of the customers!) they could have a little bit of customer service skill. not to mention serving customers in turn and not leave some waiting at the bar for ages! i know it can't always be easy knowing who's there first Then there are the female staff who might be on the attractive side and be really standoffish. yes, we know we can't 'have' them, and some of us have partners and/or 'children' a similar age anyway, but it would be nice for them to not avoid serving customers or clearing their tables. i've been to some pubs where the staff are really beautiful and very nice with it too, which is a real pleasure (and i don't mean that in a sexual way!!) . sadly they never stay.
  12. no 'thread jumping ' ... that's what the thread is for ! thanks for replying . a friend told me about this one yesterday so i'm hoping to go along to it . i'm going to pre -register soon .
  13. hi, i've just seen this thread, i'm totally deaf in my right ear , and it would be good to meet others who understand each others problems! obviously a quiet place would be good to go to .. not necessarily a club (unless we started one) but just a few from here.
  14. i'd like to start a small self help group for people like myself who have a problem with gambling . Just to sit round the table at a pub or coffee shop and talk honestly about our problems and maybe offer each other help and advice to cut down or stop i know there is G A and this is nothing to do with that also hope i won't get any 'you've only got yourselves to blame if you can't control it' etc. am thinking on the lines of meeting somewhere fairly cheap, and easy to get to e.g. Sheaf Island Wetherspoons at the bottom of Ecclesall Road, Sunday 8pm anyone can email me at my username at hotmail.com if they like . cheers
  15. hi there day-break . did u find anyone ? maybe us on this thread could all join together?
  16. hi does anyone know if Sheffield band the Hosts are playing this year ? i have sent messages to Tramlines and the Hosts own Twitter feeds but have received no response. the info is NOT on the official website so no point anyone sending me a link to that . last year they were on at the Roco Collective, up the road from the Harley. I've contacted them too, but no response. thanks in anticipation for any help.
  17. certainly don't have the 52" TV or nightly takeaways that's for sure the overwhelming message here is to get in touch with the council which i will do and i will stop burying my head in the sand which admittedly i have been doing . thanks everyone and maybe we should draw a line under this one .
  18. to answer people's cynical points, can i mention that i have tried on multiple occasions to explain my financial problems to the council staff, and i have tried to get other work , unfortunately it's not just that easy i'm pleased to see others have had bad experiences or know others who have , i am able to face up to my problems but it's not very helpful getting the unwanted but expected "it's all your fault" comments, though i suppose if it wasn't my thread it would be someone else's
  19. easier said than done to just 'get another job and get my life sorted' , i should've expected that kind of flippant response though was hoping not to get it . and i paid £30 more than the present monthly payment ...not JUST the £30. i have tried to speak to someone in the council tax dept at the council to sort out something but they imply it's gone beyond that stage and they can't do that, and the court officer doesn't seem able or willing to negotiate with me ---------- Post added 24-06-2017 at 12:53 ---------- 'more to it than i'm disclosing' is 'only' that i am in a substantial amount of debt already
  20. i claimed benefit before, temporarily, but i'm not sure that it has all been taken into account with the colossal amounts they say i owe, and/or if it has been clawed back.
  21. to be fair, yes the amount is a bit irrelevant though almost £1000 is 'just' charges applied over the years on top of the debt, the court date was my birthday, i was also worried in case i was told i couldn't go home, i really didn't know if my freedom was at immediate risk and also , as i have already mentioned, i made a payment , and thought they might have taken this into account
  22. I do regret not going to court now to try to sort it out, but just being told to 'man up' or 'go without' isn't going to help matters, i don't live extravagantly exactly, it's all too easy to just sit behind the keyboard when you don't have the same problem, making theoretical suggestions As for benefits, i've always earned just a bit too much to claim any apart from a small amount over the years and i'm not sure if that has all been taken into account by the council . I've already tried contacting them but they just say that the amounts are right so basically it's my word against theirs and they are somewhat more powerful than me
  23. i'll never realistically be able to clear the debt, though by paying something extra does show some willingness to deal with it , and show that i'm not simply 'refusing' to pay , my financial circumstances are terrible and it's not like i've just got a huge bank balance and could pay it off right now if i could Would the council and the magistrates just assume that i had, unless i can prove otherwise ? ps Payplan don't charge a fee
  24. thanks for the link to the info on Payplan though why is it suggested to not use them ? i'm not so much trying to 'make excuses' as to point out that 20% of the debt is made up of charges, sometimes more than once in a year for relatively small individual amounts (of CT, not the charge itself) It's easy for people who are possibly earning very good money and have plenty of property equity, savings and no debt, to be quite clinical about what needs to be done , i already set up my standing order consituting a monthly payment plus about £20 or £30 extra
  25. i didn't go because i had made a payment, and thought they might have taken that into account (i set up a standing order) . correspondence i received, and a recorded message while waiting to speak to someone to confirm that the payment had been received, stated that there was no need to attend court if an arrangement was in place . i made an arrangment, it wasn't necessarily an 'agreement' with them , but they received something nonetheless, can they still seriously issue a warrant or are they scaremongering ?
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