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Old man driving bad

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so .... i saw the funniest thing tonight on my way home .going up halifax road to the top where it filters into one lane , and the lights were red on the kerb side was a red car a peugeot and on the right side was a nissan qashqi and behind him was this old bloke and his wife in a silver astra

the lights change the nissan sets off so the peugeout held back to let him filter in and this old bloke tries to go ROUND the peugeot to get in front even tho there was NO SPACE to go into and it had already turnred into 1 lane putting the old bloke on wrong side of road forcing this peugeot into the path making him swerve , all of a sudden this peugeot stopped and a tall bloke gets out shouting what the f*!k are you doing driving like that ive got my kids in the car and your nearly hitting me !!! at this point i had my window down and radio off to listen and this old bloke said i was in the other lane overtaking you i did nothing wrong !!! now thi bloke was on the wrong side of the road at this point leaving just enough gap for a car to come past the other way when this tall bloke shouted are you mad you need to take your test again or revoke your license if you think that your driving safe what would you have done if you had hit me and hurt my 2 kids driving like that and at that point reached into the astra and i think he took out the keys and threw them across the road into the grass and told this old bloke to get off the road driving like a maniac !!!! was proper funny

i know i shouldnt laugh but i had been following these cars up halifax road and the bloke in the peugeot had been driving really well with his speed and everything and this old bloke had been on the gas and brakes behind cars up their a"*e all the way up

so i say well done to the man in the peugeot for both making me laugh and telling that old bloke driving for like a loon


Come on, you were really the red Peugeot driver :hihi:


IMO both cars were in the wrong, I've seen this problem at this point multiple times, if the red car had already let one car in then the silver car should have merged in turn behind (if no one was trying to block him, as like the Tankersley merge in turn people seem to feel like you're pushing, when simply using the road as it's designed to be used). As he didn't they both decided to play 'who has the smallest weener'.


In a civilized world one would have backed off and let the other go, however going by your accounts of the situation the red car driver has anger issues and felt it necessary to get out of the car with red mist around his head, and further more if he did take the keys from the silver vehicle I hope he got reported to the police and is being prosecuted.


The road is full of idiots, get over it. Road rage however resolves nothing.

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Why the continual emphasis on the age of the driver?


Old people shouldnt be allowed to drive?

Anyway, this driver reminds me of a similar moron on Hurlfield road a few days ago. Fire engine trying to get past, Nothing! Sirens blasting. Nothing. In the end i had to sound the horn a few times then he got the message. He then drove into the other lane (no indicator) then did a bizarre manoeuvre to try and cut in FRONT on the fire engine.

What a bloody fool!

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You obviously dont have kids. it's not red mist, it's parental concern.



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I do have kids, and as mentioned I know this particular junction well, the speeds will have been very low as the traffic is usually standstill.


I highly doubt the safety of the red drivers kids was at the forefront of his mind, once the red mist descends all other concerns disappear. I'm sure he is a great role model to his kids, and i'm sure they will have no issues growing up thinking it's OK to take keys out of another persons vehicle while it's stationary in traffic.

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