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  1. TBH we've had a fair bit of rain, the only time I water the allotment is when it's very dry in summer. Unless of course they are in raise beds or bags, if that was the case I may water more but again at the moment we've had enough rain (my raised beds which have garlic in are moist enough ~50cm off the ground).
  2. Unfortunately it got cancelled due to high winds!!
  3. Yes, I like the POS does have a dual use As for the tags, they can de-activate once taken through a barrier (like the ones they have on CD's).
  4. I've monitored many hours of them in use and the issue is usually the security scale, and usually something being removed halfway through scanning, picked up/put down, lent on etc. etc. Once this is triggered it needs an override to sort out. A customer we used to work with had constant issues at a store with the security scales, and it turned out to be the AC blowing on the steel security scale top causing contractions!! The technology is certainly still maturing! Obviously you could do away with the security scale, but then shoplifting would be rife! What some supermarkets do is increase the weight tolerances on each item which helps, but again leaves them open to theft. RFID will fix all the shortcomings of the SCO, but again measures will need to be in place to ensure theft does not happen (tag removal etc) in a different way!
  5. In my line of work we repair POS equipment, and I have extensive knowledge of most SCO systems. However the biggest issue with almost all systems is the user. Generally if the onscreen instructions are followed it works, if you continually get bagging errors you have done something wrong! However we are starting to work in and develop the next wave of POS tech, RFID. You'll simply be able to pickup everything you need and walk through an RFID gate which will pickup all the RFID tags and charge you. I give it 2-5 years and this will be the norm.
  6. Bull!! Where I used to live one summer Gypsies/travelers/scroates (pick what you wish) decided to settle on our local park, they destroyed it, they left human waste around, so much rubbish, burnt out cars. Thefts in the area soared, they were anti-social, music played at all hours, loud generators running 24/7!! Life was hell, the council did nothing, after months of battling with the council they finally left. The park was destroyed! I can tell you first hand that these people are filthy animals who care for no-one, I have 0 time for them! If they have 'settled' in your area all I can say is good luck, nail anything metallic down and do not leave any windows or doors unlocked!
  7. Sounds like a great place to live, do you keep a diary of all comings and goings too
  8. As harsh as it sounds i'm glad people get caught for it, it only raises everyone elses premiums!
  9. How did the police know to pull you over due to no insurance? If you had added yourself as an additional driver to your fathers policy then surely that car would show as insured? If it's a new car then probably need a new policy unless it's a multicar policy, but then if you're the main driver you need to be the main driver on the policy, otherwise you're fronting, which would make your insurance void anyway.
  10. Have to agree if you get caught out by the Hillsborough clearway signs you deserve a fine at the minimum. And if you don't know what they are maybe a refresher driving course, or sit/re-sit the theory test. As for why not paint double yellows, I believe certain motorists can park on double yellows (disabled badge holder for one), but can't park on a clearway.
  11. Rather than creating what could be hostilities toward your neighbors, why don't you erect a dog poo bin and help out your fellow man, that way no more dog poop and people still get to enjoy the woods. You'd just need to do the simple task of emptying it every so often.
  12. I imagine the cost to complete the conversion would be in the 100's of thousands, but what a house this could become!! http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/42937828?search_identifier=868cd639961eabda6a573235156ccfd6
  13. It won't be any Apple device, but will be something like this - https://groceries.asda.com/product/vodafone-payg-mobiles/smart-first-6-white-vodafone/910002056946
  14. It's not worth the hassle to pirate it these days, for £20 there is no point.
  15. I've just moved to VF SIMO, from EE and i'm finding the 4g much faster!! I'm on the 20gb/ult/ult deal for £20/m with £65 quidco. Great deal if you're looking for ample data.
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