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  1. Made me smile that saying "owd age and poverty" my late mum used to say it alot. 😂😂
  2. Apparently they grit the roads when it`s going to be very hot to protect the tarmac
  3. Lovely man was Willis South i knew him from Wigfalls at Mowbray Street where i also worked. Very sorry to hear of his passing ---------- Post added 05-07-2017 at 20:48 ---------- No you`re thinking of Walker Street. Willis South worked at Mowbray Street
  4. :hihi: Exactly what i was thinking, moan moan moan a serial complainer and moaner. And yes the screens have been put there for the staffs safety, sorry if you don`t like it tough.
  5. Yes he returned home safe to his family towards the end of last week
  6. I have had the same trouble with British Gas. They came out to repair 2 of my electrical appliances and said they couldn`t get the parts needless to say i have now cancelled the insurance.
  7. :banana: Oh brilliant, come on Tyson everyone wants you home now. That news has really cheered me up.
  8. Happy Birthday John for the 4th Jan may you have many more years pushing the pram #wish no 8
  9. I have just been on the website and it`s now 120640 :o goodness me.
  10. Yes i was very upset to hear of Kasabian loosing his long fight with cancer bless him. I hope he gets the send off he deserves after all he has been through in his short life.
  11. I think his mum posted on here that investigations are under way into his death but it seems like he took his own life poor lad.
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