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  1. "the red car was doing the same speed as me 50 mph and pulling up along side a lorry overtaking it" they were over taking the lorry so i guess thats why he was in the overtaking lane , i admit they wasnt breaking the speed land record to get past but they wasnt breaking the speed limit either unlike the blue citreon behind them
  2. witnessed some poor driving on the M1 between jnc 34 + 33 , blue Citreon C2 speeding up behind a red estate car in the fast lane (lane 3) flashing it driving right up its bumper , bearing in mind its a 50 zone and the red car was doing the same speed as me 50 mph and pulling up along side a lorry overtaking it (i was behind the lorry and in lane 2) next thing after he passed the lorry and the lorry pulled into lane 1 the citreon pulled out from lane 3 in front of me sped up going over the 50 speed rather quickly and then swerving in front of the red car into lane 3 , it looked rather close and im not sure if they made contact If you were the driver of the red car please contact me as i will be a witness to the disgusting unsafe driving of the blue citreon if you need me to be
  3. some people just drive incorrectly on the roads today
  4. ive been waiting on my starting date for quite some time , got it the other month , just wanted some input of what the people out there thought
  5. i start my new job in the police force on wednesday , after 20 yrs of my current job i had "had enough" so my brother in law who is a sergeant in the force talked me into it , the thing i am asking is , ....what do the general public really think about the service the police provide ?
  6. never a truer word said , and ive been in the motor trade 20 yrs repairing them
  7. my girlfriend has 2 kids , one bedroom the window is wobbling as well as the wall around it and its damp with mould , the other bedroom is basically the same but with a hole in the frame , both are unsafe not just for the movement and the mould and both are draughty , kier say they are both "ok" , HOW CRAP ARE THEY?!?!?!?!?
  8. all second hand car salesmen are dodgy lol i worked at vw for 7 years and there just as bad !!!!
  9. not all manufacturers supply lockers in pairs , vauxhalls dont sadly , which tyre place was it so others dont have the same problem
  10. bombay curry was the best next to the hogs head at hackenthorpe but sadly i will never have the special chikin bhuna i had for so many years just how i liked it ..... SAJ WHERE HAVE YOU GONE lol jacks place near shiregreen does awesome kebabs and curries tho
  11. i love salad .... especially with a HUGE steak on the side big portions are fine if you put that little bit of effort to do some form of exercise even if its half an hour walk to the shops and back , i try not to eat too many crisps and biscuits , thats what does me and christmas dinner as the stone and half i put on over the end of last year proved lol but i lost it after just by having fruit for breakfast a tin of soup for my dinner and a normal meal for my tea and didnt eat after 7.30
  12. well if you had read all my posts i have written about this you will see what i have done to occupy myself , but seeing i usually do a 10-12 hr day at work and most saturday mornings then run around with the kids all day , i find the sundays when i dont have my 4 kids (as they are at there other parents) very boring seeing im always on the go every other day , you posted your comment as tho us who do find it boring are morons , or at least that is how it reads .... hold on im not capable of reading !!!
  13. bullseye , awesom ..... INNNN ONE a colour tv lol awesome
  14. and yes sundays when i was a kid nothing opened but we always found something to do , just not the same when your grown up lol and thats why i find them boring .!!!! i mean ive took the dog out for about 3 hrs all in all today , roasted the beef (yes i gave it a good roasting) did a roast chicken then boned it made a stock from the bones peeled some veg and then made a chicken and veg soup cleared out the out house put some stuff on ebay and been on here , been bored stiff otherwise , the day just goes on !!!!
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