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Youth court cameras

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Cameras are only there for reference.


Also its just hearsay. The security guard should be more professional. If only 2 cameras do work, he should not share that information.


He really shouldn't share that information with you but with the people who deal with the cameras!


My Bold

the above posters (like so many on S/F) are answering there OWN questions.




But he did? The question is, quote, do we think this is safe

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Not sure what the OP means by 'safe'.

Anonymity ? The vast majority of Youth Ct users go to the Youth Ct by the lifts or stairs near the main Ct entrance, this means they have to walk past the café entrance for all to see.

Child physical safety? Although the policy appears to be that access to the Youth Ct area should be restricted to Ct users, the Tribunals sit in an adjacent Court meaning that many people attending Tribunals have to be present in the area.

Also the Security staff make regular visits to the area so I don't think 'safety' in the Ct precincts is much of a problem - and it's a relatively small area so 2 working cameras is probably sufficient to keep an eye on things.

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