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  1. Not sure David Owen ever joined/participated in the merged SDLP.
  2. Let’s face it, the High Street is buggered.. You go to town and then firstly spend some time avoiding the Spice Heads/Druggies/Beggars - and then go in a shop and when you come out, often, you are addressed by an aggressive beggar. I (and I’m old) don’t need this hassle - so - for me- it’s mostly on line supermarkets for buying and the village shop for milk bread etc.
  3. Yes, I think there are 104 franchisees who will, apparently, continue, certainly for the time being !
  4. Because he’s a hundred euros light.
  5. I feel sorry for the hotel proprietor.
  6. Didn’t they sell the company and the name at one stage and then two of the grandchildren started a similar company/product but couldn’t call it Sutherland’s ? Also, didn’t Peter S at some stage own the Millstone at Hathersage ?
  7. Pattricia,presumably your neighbour has already re-booted it a few times. Next he should try ‘Reset’- go to Settings/General and next to the bottom is Reset. It’ll reset all settings but no media or data will be deleted. I did it recently when my Pressreader App wasn’t working properly.
  8. Not much on Sheffield, bit of Dungworth, bit of Derbyshire but not much on the city itself. Edited to say I missed the first five minutes
  9. I first heard of Messianic Judaism circa 30 years ago when the singer Helen Shapiro was being interviewed on TV and she was then practising it.
  10. I’ve just left (in Dec) TalkTalk having previously been with tiscali. Do they still let you receive emails without payment ? I thought they pulled the plug after a couple of months .
  11. Surprised to learn that Colin Chapman was a bit iffy and that a judge had said (had Chapman survived) he would have sentenced him to ten years .
  12. Couldn’t Sheffield bid for some major international event to bring in lots of money to refurbish/rebuild ? Something like the next World StudentGames ???
  13. Glitterballs, What are you repairing and is it necessary from an aesthetic point of view that you replace like with like ? If not, couldn’t you put any old bolts in to fix the item?
  14. I know it sounds a bit trite, but what do most people need a Post Office for ?
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