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  1. Well, they’re not going to say it’s to screw more revenue from the punters are they ?
  2. Mossway


    Remember the earnings of so called OAP’s on minimum wage is a tad enhanced because they don’t pay NI Contributions
  3. (Only slight thread drift) If you use Liverpool Airport do use the free Drop Off 2 place as there’s a van run by a company (whose name I can’t remember) who are authorised to impose on the spot penalties for people dropping off passengers on the approach roads to the airport.
  4. As ECCOnoob says, there’s a free drop off and it’s on Thorley Lane for cheapskates. It means a bit of a wait for the free bus ....but the bus is free. Used it recently -no problem.
  5. Yes, I liked Airplane as well !
  6. Mossway


    Jeddo, Thanks for the explanation, but, in your para 4 you say I won’t get the full State Pension. On the contrary, I seem to get an even higher State Pension than most, despite, apparently being contracted out for twenty years. I get over £206 pw, I’m not complaining at all.
  7. Surely the strangest bit was that they left through the window?
  8. Mossway


    Never understood the terminology re contracted in/out, SERPS, second pension etc. I worked all my life and I was in the forces for a long time so presumably contracted out for that period. My state pension from 6thApril 19 is £206-17per week. Obviously I’ve never asked the pension people if this is correct!
  9. Mossway

    Altering a will

    I’ve not, as far as I’m aware, ever stated that you need a lawyer to make a Will. What I’ve said is that your ‘advice’ is flawed insofar that you state that you can cross out and change details to your heart’s content. You can’t, you have to sign (or attest) your signature and have two witnesses to a Will, if it’s subsequently changed without further evidence of signature/date/witnesses etc the chance of your Executor(s) being granted Probate are minimal. Go ahead if you must, but if the Will is invalid it all goes into the ‘Intestacy’ pot and that distribution may well be contrary to your wishes.
  10. Mossway

    Altering a will

    Your advice is flawed. You can’t cross details out and change them to your heart’s content. No District Judge in a Probate Registry is going to Grant Probate without Statements of Truth (or whatever Affidavits are now called) from the witnesses. If you want to change the gifts then either produce a Codicil or rewrite the Will and get it signed and witnessed accordingly.
  11. I smoked at primary school and continued until I was 20. I was, at one stage, in the Forces in Aden, where we got free cigs (which were, apparently, confiscated ciggies by the UK Customs) But, at the age of twenty after the 1964 Budget, I decided to stop. It took c six months till I’d killed the craving. I’ve not smoked for 55years, but smoking contributed significantly to the deaths of both my mother and father.
  12. I do like this thread. Ruth will, of course, have anticipated this query. Just wait and see, she’ll no doubt contact you shortly !
  13. Mossway


    Do they object to being called ‘Yarpies’ or ‘Jaapies’ ? .....and does the term apply only to white former South Effricans ?
  14. Mossway

    Looking for a decent Care Home

    In my opinion the level and standard of care is of much greater importance than proximity to friends and relatives who may visit.
  15. Wasn’t there a guy in Norfolk recently who was charged with some regulatory offences for driving a car without a steering wheel and steering it with a mole grip ?

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