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  1. Looks similar to an oil dipstick I had on an old rotavator.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. As you’ll see I screwed up, unintentionally, quoting you ! Rgds.
  3. Not sure about the five years, but I thought you only pay CGT, not Income Tax, on selling shares if you exceed the allowed CGT limit. If its in your pension fund (SIPP) you pay Income Tax when you draw income, ie sell shares or funds and take the money as income. Please explain the 5 years bit - unless I’ve misunderstood you.
  4. I’ve. been with Starling since June 2017 and I think they’re outstanding, especially (when we can go) overseas - Mastercard spot rate on purchases and ATM withdrawals overseas with no charges. They ‘ping’ you after every transaction and the whole thing is on-line. Like other banks you can photograph cheques under £500 and send them and over £500 send them by Freepost Starling. I’m still with the legacy banks - Lloyds for c 60 years, and Nationwide but Starling beats ‘em !
  5. Captain Tom should at least be given a back-dated promotion, then we could all play that David Bowie track.
  6. FG Please don’t take this as a criticism, but - looking at the gov website - it appears to be both the over and under 70’s with the specified health conditions. It doesn’t appear to apply to all over 70’s (says this 76 year old) !
  7. You get a free photocard Driving Licence in exchange for the paper one when you’re 70 and it has to be renewed (free) every 3 years.
  8. If you’ve driven in Paris I suggest there’s nothing quite so ‘frightening’ as that entry into Place de la Concorde. I no longer have the cojones !
  9. I may be mistaken but didn’t the government make a fair amount of money by charging, in effect, double VEL Duty during the month the ownership of the car changed by charging both the vendor and the purchaser during that month ?
  10. I’ve learned a new word today ! Thanks.
  11. No cans of slimline tonic though!!!! .........and Fever Tree doesn’t sound quite right at the moment !
  12. Even if you leave him ‘something’ he can still witness the will. Unfortunately for him the ‘gift’ fails if he’s a witness and it goes into the ‘pot’. So, strictly speaking, it doesn’t matter.
  13. .....and her son went to Trinity, Cambridge and read Law. But he did attend a fee paying school.
  14. Car Boot, I take your point. You are correct re the Sky and non-BBC channels etc
  15. Me ? I don’t even have a degree in Basket Weaving !
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