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  1. Yes, I'd nodded off (twice) reading Mr Blokes' entry. I buy, for my little petal, Border Chocolate Gingers, from on-line supermarkets - no problem and no arguments !
  2. Couldn't you just release the snakes in Graves Park in the warm weather to kill the rats ?
  3. After you've had your roof done later in the week, could you get some extra clothes pegs for me ?
  4. Slight thread drift Anyone using LiveNet Tv on a Firestick - I've got the update option on the screen but it won't update whatever I do, but I can't go back to the working previous edition. I want to watch French TV which I usually watch on Redbox but it sometimes it doesn't work so I use LiveNet. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. In the fifties at Primary School I got nits and blamed it on the girl with whom I shared a desk. The Nit Nurse came and confirmed the diagnosis and this poor girl had her head shaved and her head was covered in,I think, potassium permanganate solution. Nearly seventy years on I feel bad about grassing her up to the teacher.
  6. I hope he's not going to Lagos to collect a large sum of money from someone having already paid upfront a large amount to facilitate the transfer ! Also, having spent a bit of time in Lagos, I wouldn't exactly place it as a holiday destination. Why does he want to go ?
  7. At one stage I lived in Snettisham - just a few miles north of Sandringham- and there was a pub there called the Albert Victor !
  8. I've got no sourdough - will a pikelet do ?
  9. I'm a bit of a poseur so I might try this stuff ( I actually ate an avocado in 1963) !
  10. Thirty odd years ago I had an oldish Volvo144 and I'd got a load of gritstone in the boot to aid traction in the snow. Unfortunately one day I hit a large bump in the road with one of the rear tyres and it resulted in cracking the rear window.
  11. My wife's iPad - an Air2- which I bought second hand from, I think, Cashconverters about five years ago wouldn't charge. If plugged in, it cycled from blank screen to the Apple logo to a picture of a battery with a red line at the base then to blank etc etc. It wouldn't charge. Lots of googling and one solution put forward was to heat up the battery using a hair dryer on the iPad. It worked - much to my surprise. Now showing 100% charge. Worth a try !
  12. Yes, £15 because I'm ex military - but worth it if it helps to get rid of the buffoon !
  13. Agree. I've just joined the Conservative Party so I can vote against Boris (I have to wait 3 months tho')but if the alternative is Truss I'd have to abstain !
  14. Pinched from the Times yesterday re the farting barrister - someone recalled the story of Fred Trueman on a bus sitting next to a young woman. He let out this very large and loud fart but said, very loudly to the young woman next to him (when the passengers turned round to look at him) don't worry about it lass, they'll think it's me'!
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