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  1. Don’t forget you’ll be needing that ‘vignette’ thingie for driving on Swiss Motorways !
  2. Are you one of the players ?
  3. imfromsheffield You’re lucky. There must be thousands of people who would look forward to Christmas Day without children, in—laws, family rows etc and would look forward to spending Christmas on their own. Think positive and enjoy yourself......alone !
  4. If they’re just Campaign Medals, not much. If there’s a Gallantry Medal eg DSO, DFC, MC, MM etc then, often, quite a lot.
  5. I thought addicts could get free needles from certain chemists.
  6. Is he old enough to sort this out himself ?
  7. In practice the RSPCA etc do not prosecute people for ‘relocating’ trapped squirrels, so if you are disinclined to drown a trapped squirrel, then releasing it a few miles away is unlikely to result in a prosecution.
  8. I hate to be pessimistic but..... My wife has just done a house clearance for an extremely elderly friend who’s gone into a Care Home. She has Power of Attorney. Apart from her jewellery and two antiques which have gone to auction, the House Clearer wanted paying £250 to clear the lot, much of the stuff was in quite reasonable condition. Sadly, second hand furniture etc doesn’t make good prices. (As my wife said, when we were at school, did you ever meet anyone, who, when he/she grew up, wanted to be a House Clearer ?)
  9. Let’s face it, the BBC want to save money in order to fund other parts of their remit. It would, however, be interesting to see exactly how many Beeb employees are in Japan on the Rugby jolly, and how many of those actually flew cattle class. Perhaps one of the Red Tops will do an FOI request!
  10. Sheffbeth, No one’s asked the question yet so I’ll ask. Are you a believer ?
  11. Why does a child with Asperger’s need an MP’s signature for anything ? O’Mara is not medically qualified, so he can’t make such a request as an ‘expert’ .
  12. Replying to my own question : Despite the info on the Man Airport site being somewhat ambivalent, the pick up car park outside T1 is still functional and you don’t have to use the multi storey. What I would suggest, since it’s often gridlock getting to the T1 park, is to disregard the signage - if you’re coming from either Styal or the A555 - take the turning left off Ringway Road West for T3 and after you pass T3 follow the signs for T1 Arrivals- this places you in the left lane and you avoid the bottleneck from those driving south off the western end of Ringway Rd West who’ve followed the the airport signposting. If you can get a similar flight from Liverpool it’s worth the extra 30 minutes and the £2 each way charge on the new bridge !
  13. Just been to the Airport. From this area it’s either M62/M60/M56 or A57 Snake/M67/M60/M56 or a ballsaching crawl up the A6 to Stockport/M60/M56 All the other routes- Pott Shrigley/A555 etc are all blocked off
  14. Anyone picked anybody up from T1 at Manchester Airport recently ? I know there’s a lot of works around T3, can you still pick up outside T1 or do you have to use the multi storey for pick ups? (I know it’s increased to £4-50)
  15. I understand the last (amended) National Service legislation applied to those with a dob on, or before, 31/12/39. That was subsequently brought forward to 31/10/39. Thus there will be a few who are a few months shy of 80 who did NS. I wasn’t caught by the legislation, but joined in ‘61 and there were quite a few officers who’d been deferred because they were at university etc who were NS in 61/62 and 63 You could tell who they were because they weren’t issued/given allowances for barathea uniforms, mess kit etc.
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