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  1. Re Gerge Galloway, I watched the interview on Sky News. I disagree, usually, with most of what he says, but he was unequivocal that this Begum girl should be prosecuted.He did have reservations as to whether the revocation of citizenship would stand. He’s a very powerful and persuasive advocate and it’s likely Labour will let him rejoin, given he’s been banned for c 12 years.
  2. I’ve got one but never knew it had a ‘g’ on the end.
  3. Mossway

    Battery Recycling

    Surely there’s somebody else in the office who has a car, can’t you ask someone else to get rid of them ?
  4. With one of these new on-line accounts such as Starling you can do the whole thing in less than five minutes if you’ve got a passport or driving licence and an ipad
  5. Mossway

    Finland and the Basic Income experiment

    That’s the second article I’ve read today on this topic. What neither says is what the basic unemployment benefit was/ how much more did they get, and also what other benefits did they get eg the Finnish equivalent of Housing Benefit/Council Tax/child Benefit etc etc. Difficult to make a judgment without further info. (OK -they were happier but that’s not really a basis to change the whole benefits system)
  6. Mossway

    Finland and the Basic Income experiment

    There’s an article in today’s Telegraph by Ross Clark on this very subject, although he says it’s (£490/month) only being paid to 2000 randomly selected unemployed and the results are somewhat inconclusive.
  7. I say convert it into up-market apartments. They’ll have the Hen and Chickens as their local and could, presumably, lobby for the Cannon to be reopened. What’s not to like ?
  8. Elgar, a bit of an enigma ! (someone’s got to say it)
  9. For whom do mum/dad work ? That’s often the first port of call .
  10. Mossway

    Level of proof?

    1. An either way offence is any offence that can be tried in the Mags Court or the Crown Ct. What I should have said is that there’s no time limit on either way OR Indictable Only, ie offences which can only be tried in Crown Ct. 2. Whether there’s a bail time limit or not, (I’m not sure) but it’s irrevelant if any suspect is interviewed and then released RUI (released under investigation) because he/she’s then not on bail and can subsequently be charged/rearrested etc subject to certain safeguards. 3. No, Hearsay is always admitted if both parties agree as you say. .It’s when they don’t, one party has to make an application to get it admitted by making an application in advance of the Trial. It’s the Court which then decides. Some hearsay seems to be admitted almost automatically, for instance 999 calls because there’s case law on it.
  11. Mossway

    Level of proof?

    There’s still no time limit for ‘either way’ offences to be charged.
  12. Mossway

    Level of proof?

    Cyclone, Just explain please your view. If a defendant or a witness has got ‘form’ for previous convictions involving ‘lying’ eg obtain by deception,perjury, fraud offences etc, either CPS or the Defence can make an application to get them. ‘in’ as evidence of bad character in a Trial. Also both Pros Witnesses and Defence witnesses are able to get ‘in’ at a Trial the fact that they are of previous good character if it’s true. It’s often persuasive to a jury in regard to their testimony.
  13. Mossway

    Level of proof?

    Not so, Many sex offences involve only two people. Rape is a good example. If the complainant makes a complaint and names the perpetrator the police are under a duty to investigate. Even if the accused person in interview denies it, if he’s charged, it’s up to a jury to decide eventually.
  14. Don’t worry about it, it’s just a consequence of growing old. Buy an electric shaving device thingy and the problem’s sorted in minutes.

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