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  1. .....and her son went to Trinity, Cambridge and read Law. But he did attend a fee paying school.
  2. Car Boot, I take your point. You are correct re the Sky and non-BBC channels etc
  3. Me ? I don’t even have a degree in Basket Weaving !
  4. That’s not actually correct, is it ?
  5. I see the Beeb is reporting that Diane Abbott will quit the Front Bench under the new leader. A bit disappointing for us Tories, she gave us a great deal of pleasure, not least with her Maths !
  6. Shouldn’t they be VAT free if they’re cold ?
  7. Do we need actual libraries, ie buildings, anymore? I have free access to hundreds of ebooks and the idea of going into a library and borrowing a few books does seem a bit out of date. The last library I went in had a kids’ play area and the noise level was such I was surprised anyone could concentrate on anything.
  8. I like wild rabbits, providing they’ve been shot, skinned, paunched, jointed and casseroled with some vegetables !
  9. Where (roughly) is your destination ? If you’re coming from the M1 southbound you’d perhaps be better overshooting the junction to get to the A61 and take the next exit then via Ecclesfield Shirecliffe etc Rutland Rd etc and ‘doubling’ back
  10. I’m inclined to agree with you......but aren’t you (like me) fed up with the, now, incredible number of ‘trails’ for their own programmes ?
  11. Yes, but many of us over 75’s aren’t vulnerable, disabled, on low income, lonely etc But, a Labour Chancellor thought it was a good idea, presumably to buy votes, to give us a free TV licence. Means test it by all means, or let us buy it on a similar system to some of the streaming services.
  12. BBC programmes may not be interrupted by adverts but there’s an interminable number of so called ‘trails’ between programmes, every couple of minutes before the hour and often on the half hour. I can’t see why they can’t flog those minutes for adverts.
  13. This raises the question ‘Are you a closet Tory’ ? It’s what most Tories want, ie to make the Labour Party completely unelectable for the foreseeable future !
  14. Me neither, over 56 years.......unlike my wife !
  15. Have you tried Open Reach to see if they have an archive ?
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