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  1. Didn't Chester's career, ahem, end in somewhat 'difficult' circumstances ?
  2. If you're interested there's a Planning Application re-submitted Aug 2021 for, I think, 21 residential apartments at the former Marquis of Granby site - only about half a mile away.
  3. I seldom read anything to do with football, but for some reason I'd read these posts. I was driving up the M42/A42 a few week's ago and listening to Radio Derby for the traffic news.There was an old boy from Heage (in Derbyshire) being interviewed and who had started doing National Service in the fifties and was posted to somewhere down south. He'd suggested a game of Togga/Togger to his fellow recruits in the barrack block who had never heard of the term. He was nicknamed Togger for the next two years !
  4. I'm just over the border in Derbyshire and a member of the Derbyshire Library Service. Every day I get downloaded 'free' the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Derby Telegraph plus stuff like the Oldie, Economist etc. Not sure if your library service covers this, but for me it's such a good deal !
  5. How do you actually earn ? Is it by scamming other folk ?
  6. Pobs -I remember being told (I'm from Derbyshire) meant Pieces Of Bread Soaked and was often used when people were so disabled it was all they could manage to eat/drink.. There was an expression used about people at the end of their life when their friends/ relatives would say about, say, Uncle Fred, 'It's POBS I'm afraid 'meaning he was about to expire !
  7. Remember that from my teens (60 yrs ago) 'Do you want a round bar steward or a flat *** 'ker ?'
  8. Although I have some sympathy we must show at least some kindness to the down and outs. We must hope that our children and grandchildren don't end up as spice/mamba heads in the inner cities.I say give them a bit of sympathy and perhaps a sandwich but no money.
  9. Is it Alexandra or Alexander ?
  10. Did not this thread ought to be closed so that it doesn't influence potential jurors - possibly in Sheffield Crown Court ?
  11. I had a Jagdschein which appeared to allow me to own and use whatever I liked. It was governed by the then Status of Forces Agreement which meant I didn't have to sit the 'Prüfung' ! The Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) had at the rear a kind of inverted u shaped concrete blast wall which was filled with sand. The rabbits loved these. With ferrets we could often get 20 to 30 rabbits on a longish Saturday morning. Happy Days !
  12. Thanks, I shot a wild boar in c 1976 in Germany using a 7mm 'drilling' ie an over and under with a rifled barrel on the top and a 12 smooth barrel underneath in which I'd got a 'brenneke' which is a 'slug' with vanes on so it spins giving it a bit of accuracy. I got the boar with the 7mm. We did eat most of it but gave some of it away.
  13. My wife rang Graham's in Sheffield yesterday asking about mixer tap cartridges - apparently they have over a hundred odd types of cartridge.
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