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  1. Glitterballs, What are you repairing and is it necessary from an aesthetic point of view that you replace like with like ? If not, couldn’t you put any old bolts in to fix the item?
  2. I know it sounds a bit trite, but what do most people need a Post Office for ?
  3. .....and my grandad used to say ‘and the Lord said unto Moses all the men shall have round noses except Aaron shall have a square ‘un ‘
  4. My wife is Power of Attorney for a very elderly lady who had to go in a care home and her large apartment had to be cleared.The expensive stuff went to an Auction and the rest to a House Clearer. After the House Clearer’s initial visit she was surprised to see two beds disturbed as was the airing cupboard. She mentioned this to the auctioneer who said that these are the first places house clearers search for money !
  5. I’m no Ace investor, but I had 332 RR shares in my SIPP and RR had, pre Covid, a big problem with the Trent 1000 engine. I baled out in Aug 2019 and sold at £7-67. per share. If I’d held on to them they would be worth a total of c £405 today. I wouldn’t touch them now.
  6. Oh yes you do, if your income crosses the tax threshold .
  7. Please don’t think. I’m being discourteous, but have you considered joining the Manchester Forum and asking a similar question ?
  8. It depends for whom it’s for. If it is for someone unused to tablets then go for something simple. Let’s face it, the iPad is almost idiot proof and there are lots and lots of second hand ones on sites such as MusicMagpie (other sites are available) -which is where I bought my last iPad at c 40% of the new price.
  9. How does he get off the original bus then get on the ‘bus in front’ - unless the bus he’s got off has broken down and the second bus he gets on has overtaken the stationary bus ?
  10. Looks similar to an oil dipstick I had on an old rotavator.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. As you’ll see I screwed up, unintentionally, quoting you ! Rgds.
  12. Not sure about the five years, but I thought you only pay CGT, not Income Tax, on selling shares if you exceed the allowed CGT limit. If its in your pension fund (SIPP) you pay Income Tax when you draw income, ie sell shares or funds and take the money as income. Please explain the 5 years bit - unless I’ve misunderstood you.
  13. I’ve. been with Starling since June 2017 and I think they’re outstanding, especially (when we can go) overseas - Mastercard spot rate on purchases and ATM withdrawals overseas with no charges. They ‘ping’ you after every transaction and the whole thing is on-line. Like other banks you can photograph cheques under £500 and send them and over £500 send them by Freepost Starling. I’m still with the legacy banks - Lloyds for c 60 years, and Nationwide but Starling beats ‘em !
  14. Captain Tom should at least be given a back-dated promotion, then we could all play that David Bowie track.
  15. You get a free photocard Driving Licence in exchange for the paper one when you’re 70 and it has to be renewed (free) every 3 years.
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