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  1. Yes, me too, I was hoping to join the M1 southbound but pressed on to Alfreton to join - no warnings that it was closed !
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I'd often wondered why Ad-Blocker can block nearly all but not 'all' pop-ups.I can live with the pop-up container OK. Thanks.
  3. The Kamov KA32 on the link provided by Annie B is certainly an unusual looking helicopter.
  4. I suspect 'Builders' Tea' is a term now only used by the Metropolitan Liberal Elite having read it somewhere in the Observer Supplement ! Our last builder asked for decaf and we gave him the same from ....Sainsbury's.
  5. Consider renting. I bought one for my mother but after c two years she had to go into a home and it was an absolute barsteward to sell/ get rid of !
  6. If he's not good on his feet, using the long stay gives you enough time for you to dump the car and accompany him on the bus to the terminal and then to the Wizz desk and then get the free bus back to the long stay at zero cost.
  7. It's now a fiver to drop off someone c350m from the terminal. What you could do is go to the 'Long Stay ' Car Park ' which is free for an hour and drop him off and he can get the free bus right up to the terminal- there's also a'mid-stay' only free for 15 mins plus a free bus to the terminal. Essentially, the buses drop people off nearer to the terminal than people dropping them off from their own cars plus, of course, the £5 for 10 mins charge.
  8. It's - to use a cliché- Horses for Courses. The OP would be financially disadvantaged staying with his present provider- so it's obvious what he should do. Change ! There are some quite remarkable deals for the average punter. As a (retired)professional cheapskate and I'm an old bloke who doesn't use his phone much - I have this remarkable deal from O2 - it's 500 calls, 500 texts and 500Mbs all for £3-19 per month !
  9. Just remind me, when do the nights start drawing in ?
  10. As a young man in the RAF I remember it well and with nostalgia from c50 years ago, as a suburb of Famagusta - or FamaG as we called it. It was an excellent place for young, single, carefree blokes to spend time there. We flew into either Nicosia or Akrotiri but it was a great place to go to, to swim, drink etc.
  11. If you’ve got a Library Card you can read the MEN free via Pressreader- and it says 95p on the top right hand corner of the front page.
  12. Not sure David Owen ever joined/participated in the merged SDLP.
  13. Let’s face it, the High Street is buggered.. You go to town and then firstly spend some time avoiding the Spice Heads/Druggies/Beggars - and then go in a shop and when you come out, often, you are addressed by an aggressive beggar. I (and I’m old) don’t need this hassle - so - for me- it’s mostly on line supermarkets for buying and the village shop for milk bread etc.
  14. Yes, I think there are 104 franchisees who will, apparently, continue, certainly for the time being !
  15. Because he’s a hundred euros light.
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