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  1. Why does a child with Asperger’s need an MP’s signature for anything ? O’Mara is not medically qualified, so he can’t make such a request as an ‘expert’ .
  2. Replying to my own question : Despite the info on the Man Airport site being somewhat ambivalent, the pick up car park outside T1 is still functional and you don’t have to use the multi storey. What I would suggest, since it’s often gridlock getting to the T1 park, is to disregard the signage - if you’re coming from either Styal or the A555 - take the turning left off Ringway Road West for T3 and after you pass T3 follow the signs for T1 Arrivals- this places you in the left lane and you avoid the bottleneck from those driving south off the western end of Ringway Rd West who’ve followed the the airport signposting. If you can get a similar flight from Liverpool it’s worth the extra 30 minutes and the £2 each way charge on the new bridge !
  3. Just been to the Airport. From this area it’s either M62/M60/M56 or A57 Snake/M67/M60/M56 or a ballsaching crawl up the A6 to Stockport/M60/M56 All the other routes- Pott Shrigley/A555 etc are all blocked off
  4. Anyone picked anybody up from T1 at Manchester Airport recently ? I know there’s a lot of works around T3, can you still pick up outside T1 or do you have to use the multi storey for pick ups? (I know it’s increased to £4-50)
  5. I understand the last (amended) National Service legislation applied to those with a dob on, or before, 31/12/39. That was subsequently brought forward to 31/10/39. Thus there will be a few who are a few months shy of 80 who did NS. I wasn’t caught by the legislation, but joined in ‘61 and there were quite a few officers who’d been deferred because they were at university etc who were NS in 61/62 and 63 You could tell who they were because they weren’t issued/given allowances for barathea uniforms, mess kit etc.
  6. Don’t use poison. Just think, if you were a rat, and had eaten some rat poison, and were feeling poorly, it’s likely you’d go somewhere warm and comfortable to spend your last hours/days. The rat dies, the carcase gets fly blown, smells and is often difficult to locate. My advice is to kill them with a Fenn Trap, Cage Trap or a conventional spring trap. Be wary of advice from vermin controller companies who have a financial interest in using stuff such as rat poison.
  7. It’s only a month or two ago we had a ‘Rat in the garden’ thread and the forum seemed to throw up a large number of rat lovers. Where’ve they all gone ?
  8. I never liked sport, probably because I was no good at it. At school I didn’t give a toss who won a game, race, match or threw the furthest javelin, shot etc.I didn’t care if I was last in any race or similar activity. I never wanted to be Victor Ludorum (Yes, since you ask, I did go to a Grammar school) I was naturally good at Maths and at school, I would have always preferred double Algebra on a Friday afternoon to double Football/cricket etc. Each to his/her own !
  9. Of many of the things I’ve experienced in the last 20 years or so, the only thing I’ve seen that’s not been reduced in size is the push chair , or its equivalent. When young mothers get on the bus or tram with their child(ren) they seem to have this huge piece of kit which seems many times larger than when I was young.
  10. I listened to Radio Sheffield earlier this week one afternoon and the topic was ‘Latin’ I think Rony Robinson - King Edward’s and Oxford- who’d had a classical education had to bite his tongue a few times at the level of ignorance shown by one or two of the contributors. For instance there was one woman who’d been to Lady Manners School and said she didn’t know what the school crest motto meant in either Latin or English. The joke here, of course, is that it’s actually in French. Also a chap rang in and said that although he’d studied Latin until he was 14 or 15 didn’t know what Fid Def, Ind Imp, D G Rex etc meant on Victorian coins. He was 73 so presumably had had a grammar school education, I think we learned this info at Primary School (I’m about the same age) Apart from that, quite an interesting programme - I think there’s only one State School in Sheffield which offers Latin as a subject.
  11. I use DuckDuckGo because I’ve got ad block plus installed on Safari and some of the sites are blocked so to see them I use DuckDuck. But... thanks for the info re the flame logo - never used it till today !
  12. J Malcolm Wild at Norton, good but not inexpensive.
  13. There’s no need to feel disgusted, it’s a perfectly fair comment. I get free daytime bus travel, if I need it, free TV licence, Winter Fuel Allowance, an extra £10 @ Christmas and I don’t need nor really deserve any of it.
  14. I’m over 75 and have a free licence......but I can afford to pay. However, given that the BBC has so many, in effect, adverts for its own programmes in the last couple of minutes before the hour, I can’t see why they can’t advertise other commercial channels for money. Also some of their staff/employees receive monumental salaries. I’m sure some people would do it for less !
  15. I distantly remember from my studies some thirty odd years ago something called the ‘nemo dat rule’ which meant that no purchaser could get any better title than the vendor had. If it ain’t hers, any purchaser runs the risk of having it re-possessed.
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