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  1. The wall at the bottom of SHU on Ecclesall Road between Broomgrove Road and Collegiate Crescent has numerous holes in it. Someone told me it was the result of German machine gun fire. The row of houses opposite look a bit newer than other buildings on that stretch and I wonder whether the holes were the result of a bomb destroying or damaging the buildings opposite and shrapnel flying across the road. Does anyone know? I can only find references to Ecclesall Road being hit but not the exact location apart to a reference to the junction with Greystones Road.
  2. If you'd attached a link you might have got your facts right. Try this one; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-40713992 The threatened fine is for homeless people leaving their possessions lying about. The council is trying to get them to take their possessions with them or put them in lockers. I accept that OCC is being heavyhanded but it's got nothing to do with trying to get homeless people to move on.
  3. You seem to have confused the words knowledgeable and misinformed gibberish. I was going to take it apart line by line but my rude reply would have been 100 times more voluminous and i didn't want to be late for work. In short, anyone who writes "The idiot Brunel" and expects to be taken seriously when discussing rail transport is on a par with someone who writes "The idiot Baird" when discussing home entertainment.
  4. If you look at your own link it shows all the proposed stations, many of which are not in Hertfordshire or Surrey. The line will service a lot of very Labour areas including Dalston, Seven Sisters, Wood Green, Tooting and Clapham as well as Lib-Dem Kingston. In any case it serves very few of the 22 constituencies you've quoted. It barely touches Hertfordshire. The line won't just be used by people travelling from Surrey or Hertfordshire into London. It'll be used by people getting on at one stop in London and getting off at another stop in London. It will also have intersections with Crossrail One and tube lines. At a guess I'd say that even tourists might use it. To say that Tory commuters in the leafy Home Counties will benefit most is ridiculous. London's public transport infrastructure needs upgrades anyway. The problem is that the government is funding London but not some of the provinces.
  5. And yet you still believe in the flat Earth theory.
  6. Absolute carnage? The 10k will take place about 4 miles from Hillsborough and will have been over for about 2 hours before the match kick-off. Next carnage - man shops at Sainsbury's on the Moor as match kicks off at Bramall Lane and loaf gets squashed.
  7. A night down the pub with you must be hilarious.
  8. Installing barriers at the bottom of the staircases would be dangerous. People would get crushed if there was a delay. And people wanting to avoid paying would just take the lift.
  9. If there are no children there can we also assume there is no wife on Mars?
  10. Or maybe not. ---------- Post added 17-07-2017 at 17:35 ---------- Or maybe not. How is it possible for someone to be 100% wrong when the facts are in front of them?
  11. I won't bother. You wouldn't know if I were right or not.
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