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  1. Morning, Does anyone know What's happened outside Manor Social Club, There is police tape all around it and a couple of police cars outside?
  2. Does anyone have an update about the what looked quite serious accident last night near the co-op on Mansfield Road at Intake. The road was closed for a little while and wondered if everyone invovled was okay!
  3. Good Morning! Anyone know whats being filmed in Sheffield City Centre today? The Wellington Street car park has been closed off for film crews? Regards
  4. I was told it was because it usually clashes with when Gay Pride is
  5. Hi! I've been told that City Road is going to be closed 1 way from Tomorrow for 21 days... Is this happening does anyone know? I've not seen no signs or anything?
  6. He really shouldn't share that information with you but with the people who deal with the cameras!
  7. I've seen this man.. I do agree with the "he wore nice shoes" post! He had newer trainers on than the ones I had! Maybe I'm being judgemental but he doesn't look "homeless" but then again you can't always tell
  8. The council make an effort for every other event i.e. Eid, St Patricks! so why not St Georges! Only fair.
  9. I was there today. Was moving Seeing Shred's last journey leaving the street he lived on & then going to City Road to see the thousands of people there to say their goodbyes to a man who everyone loved!
  10. Maybe we can get some signatures on this! https://www.change.org/p/rename-a-stand-at-sheffield-united-for-shred-for-sheffield-to-consider-renaming-a-stand-at-bramall-lane-for-fan-shred-after-his-sad-death?just_created=true I've seen a lot of people calling for a stand at Sheffield United to be named after Shred
  11. Our families grew up together, Our families lived and still live on the same street! There is a silence today on the road because we have lost such a well liked, well loved and well respected man! A man who loved his club a man who no matter what the score or league was there supporting the club he loved, I have to thank Shred for taking my little brother Josh under his wing and allowing him on his coach tours for the past 6 years!! Goodbye Shred a gentleman of Sheffield and a Legend of United
  12. I felt like reporting it to the Sainsburys store but don't want to come across like a horrible person! ---------- Post added 13-01-2015 at 00:08 ---------- I think it's one of the Devonshire Green street drinkers, They often sit outside lloyds too off their heads! Sad really
  13. Hi, Without sounding too much like an idiot! I was at the cash machine outside sainsburys today on Division St and there was a homeless person begging outside right next to the cash machine. When he asked me if I had any money it was bloody obvious that I had as I'd just drawn some out and he saw me do it! When I got my phone out I checked the time but when I didn't give him any money he said "you can afford to keep an iPhone but can't afford to help the homeless" I didn't respond and walked off, I've noticed this more and more with the homeless and using spots next to cash machines to beg! Is it just me that finds it slightly intimidating?
  14. Good Afternoon! A friend of mine lost her purse in Sheffield on New Years Eve as she was leaving the crucible (she's in anything goes) she has asked me to post a plea on here to anyone who may have found this purse or know someone who may have handed it in etc.. Here is some information that she has asked me to post " I lost it on NYE, about 5.15pm walking from crucible stage door to the co-op through the centre, it was a bright green purse with a gold elephant on the front it's from urban outfitters but doesn't have a label inside I don't think, there was £100 inside and my driving licence and a velvet teddy Mac lipstick" If anyone knows anything about the purses whereabouts, Could you please DM me as I really want my friend to be reunited with her purse Thank you!
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