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  1. Im white English and ive never had any issues down Darnal. Cant say id choose to go down there at night tho.
  2. One of the local low lives allegedly got stabbed by another one of the local low lives.
  3. The year I spend money on winter tyres and we have no bloody winter! What happened to worse winter in 50 years?
  4. British muggers have manners obviously. Good old chaps just down on their luck.
  5. If you knew how expensive rents are in Meadowhall then you would understand why the burgers are so expensive.
  6. Half of the people using the parkway then.
  7. Probably about 90mph when touching clothe late at night.
  8. I would go to Meadowhall, you will have about 4 options there. As others have said supermarkets also offer the service, even Crystal Peaks has 3 places to exchange money on a Sunday.
  9. In my experience if you don't have an eye witness who has details of the car that did it... Your just going to have to take it on the chin. Even if there is a CCTV camera that was pointing in the direction of your car at the exact time of the accident, your not going to get a number plate from it. My work gwta dozens of requests for this type of CCTV every week, the footage is always checked, yet I have never seen a number plate of an offending vehicle reported back.
  10. And what happened? A sturn but unofficial warning, so theres no paperwork but they can say they chased it up?
  11. If anyone thinks the police have the time to actually deal with petty **** like this, dream on! My job brings me into daily contact with the police and trust me, they are stretched and ****ed. So much paperwork, so much box ticking, so many petty criminals, druggies, low lifes, combined with budget cuts... Knowing someone has committed a crime is nothing, most things are hard and time consuming to prove, unless the accused is stupid enough to cough for what they have done without a fuss, they will get away with it.
  12. I noticed this morning that it had changed, but its not an issue as I drive 30mph or below in that area.
  13. Sounds like a good time to go negotiate a deal on a VW, or buy some shares in the company. This will all blow over and share prices rise, it always does when big business is concerned. As for the higher emissions, most of us dont care too much about it, we have bigger problems.
  14. Never buy part worn tyres or remolds unless you have no other option. They can be dangerous.
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