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  1. Meh. It's like when Jeremy Clarkson punched that guy. It's a convenient way to sack someone whose best years are long past and who has become a bit of an embarrassment to keep around.
  2. To be a fair comparison, you need to include your costs of: Car purchase or initial+final payments Any monthly payments Insurance Repairs and MoT Parking (if on-street then this is effectively paid for you by the tax payer) Cleaning Your time in dealing with insurance, repairs, refuelling. cleaning it, etc. As all those costs are included in the taxi side of your comparison already. We could also imagine a city - perhaps not that far into the future - where private car ownership is rare because on-demand vehicles have become more convenient. Residential streets are no longer festooned with stationary vehicles, parents are less fearful of allowing their children to play in the streets and more people are enjoying the benefits of cycling. There is a value to that improved quality of life which is not included in the cost comparison.
  3. Yes I am getting my pubs muddled up. Thx.
  4. Thanks for the really interesting post, James. The pub suffers from being next to the park but having no connection to it. There had been a proposal to rent the neighbouring bit of park to the pub. The city would still own the land and get a rental income. The pub would get business in the summer months from people wanting to enjoy a beer garden by the park, including families. Friends of Millhouses Park fought a successful campaign against this. I wonder whether they will come to regret that.
  5. Brilliant. "What's good about Brexit?" "I don't know. Ask someone else!"
  6. Reserves for emergencies?! There are no "reserves" at all! Money is created by adding it to the national debt. The money to settle the outstanding obligations to EU projects has already been allocated because it is money already owed; it is merely being paid to a different schedule. Rich country? Sure - so long as you include the City of London which skews the figures. Tax take from the City is expected to reduce by £10bn as it migrates some affairs out to Hamburg and Dublin. That's £192m per week in Brexiter speak.
  7. First they say the EU takes too long to make decisions, then they spread unfounded fear and doubt about "things may change dramatically if we stay". Certainly by staying, the UK can have its seat at the table and exercise its veto. The record shows that the UK votes on the winning side in 95% of EU decisions, abstains in 3% and is on the losing side in just 2%. Leave and have no influence.
  8. Discuss options? Got stroppy? EU politicians are bewildered about what the UK actually wants. If the UK does not want the backstop option for the Irish border then there is the option of treating Northern Ireland different to the rest of the UK - but the UK does not want that either. Its up to the UK Parliament to agree a workable solution to the Irish border and put this forward. Parliament cannot agree because of course the public was sold so many variants of Brexit. The reasons given for Brexit have collapsed one by one until we are left with "we voted for it". And what is "it"? The Brexit with "the exact same benefits"? The Brexit that will be "the easiest trade deal in history"? The one where we remain in the single market? The EEA Brexit? The Canada-style agreement? It is up to Parliament to decide its proposal to the rest of the EU members, not for them to try and guess what Brexit means.
  9. People have less money to spend when the economy is weak. They still want to go out for a treat but have less money. So Wetherspoons - which is at the low-cost end of the pub food market - gets more business. The owner of Wetherspoons wants Brexit because it makes him richer.
  10. Invest £200 to £300 (depending on condition) in a Herman Miller Mirra chair via ebay. I kitted out an office with a dozen chairs from an office big shed store and they were all knackered after a couple of years. We replaced the lot with Herman Miller and they are still in use a decade later.
  11. Of course not. They have planted saplings but one sapling does not replace a 100 year-old full canopy tree that is at the peak of the ecosystem services it is providing.
  12. Only about 1000 trees fell into those categories and people didn't disagree with felling those. The argument was around the other 5000 trees that they were trying to fell over the first few years. We now know that SCC had included a contract term that 17,500 trees - half of the street trees in Sheffield - must be felled over the course of the 25 year contract with Amey. SCC also lied and said they would only fell trees "as a last resort". This forced Amey to find spurious reasons for felling, such as a misplaced kerbstone or cracked tarmac, that are easy to deal with. Thanks to our tree protectors, SCC have backtracked from requiring that half of the trees be felled and it seems that Amey are now doing the job as they should have done it all along. The sad thing is that perhaps 4000 trees have been needlessly felled.
  13. Why are these Brexit people now calling for a second vote? They had a vote already and Mrs May won. They knew what they were voting for.
  14. Donations can now be made online to support the work of the pro-Brexit disinformation accounts. https://proudbear.ru/
  15. The greatest military threat comes from Russia. No EU country is strong enough to counter that threat alone and therefore we rely on membership of NATO. However this is too reliant on America. In practice it will take some days for America to respond effectively to an attack on Europe and there are also the noises coming from Donald Trump about how European countries should improve their defense capabilities. So it makes sense for European countries to be stronger together on defense and less reliant on NATO. The obvious way to cooperate on that is via the administrative structures we have built together for the EU.
  16. Not quite distraction tactics - rather tactics to make it appear that people still support Brexit and opinion is still divided. It's only these troll accounts and a handful of disaster capitalists (lead by Jacob Rees Mogg) that continue to argue for Brexit. Never positive reasons - just "the will of the people". And that will has changed.
  17. Enterprise Car Club have a standard age of 22 and also a special thing for 19-21 yo.
  18. You mean it may actually become the £350m a week big fat lie that they put on the side of the big red bus? How ironic.
  19. Asia will be the major market for the sort of electric vehicle that Dyson will produce. I can understand why he would manufacture the vehicle there instead of in a country that, come end of March 2019, will have no trade arrangements with anywhere.
  20. A typical sentence for a relatively minor assualt being, what, a few months? A few months in prison is likely to put a paranoid schizophrenic in a bad place mentally. When he is released and in a worse mental state.... how is that good for the rest of us? What is likely to achieve the best outcome long term?
  21. What would be the likely outcomes of other sentencing options that are available? Lock up a paranoid schizophrenic for a number of months in a jail that has no capability to address the underlying mental health issues? Will that worsen the issues and make the man a greater threat upon release? I'd prefer to see residential homes in remote countryside areas where people with such conditions can live and have better outcomes than entering a cycle of incidents that leave them in and out of jail.
  22. And shout "I'll cut my other leg off as well!" whilst doing so.
  23. That sounds lovely. Do get neighbours involved.
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