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Jumbo chinese restaurant - still good?


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Evening. Was thinking of a few people from our work going to Jumbo one lunchtime for the buffett....


Ive not been for a year or two and it was fine then. Ive heard a few bad reports recently though, saying it had changed, and not for the better? i walked past today and it didnt look as 'bright' and was empty


Anyone been in last month or two? what you reckoned?


I was thinking about maybe going to Number 1 instead, used to be at the tram stop, but thats closed now?



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Went last night ,not many customers in ,still don't like having to pay straight away.Food was warm and dried up not enough turnover! Ran out of duck went to ask when back on, ALL staff sat down eating felt as though I was intruding!!This was at 8.00 on a Friday .The men's toilets were disgusting the floor ,walls and urinal hadn't been cleaned for weeks .Makes you wonder what the kitchens like!! Off my list now of places to eat

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It was fine when I was there a couple of weeks ago, even though the refit was still not finished.


Didn't realised you like Jumbo ;)


They are closed now for a week to finish the re-fit....and it's looking good so far. New tables and chairs coming....its well on the way to being tastefully decorated. New Buffet table was installed some while back.


As someone who has been a fan of Jumbo for the last 3 or so years....it's back on it's way up....now with new management. The new menu....which is much better than the old Jumbo in latter days (I think the previous owners just got tired)....am looking forward to going again in a weeks time. :D

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