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  1. I'm looking for well rotted horses manure if anyone knows anywhere local. There was a great stables off the roundabout Rotherham side of j33 but it's gone!! Also tried the stables up hag lane. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  2. Whisting, scandy cop thing, was really good it's on Iplayer.
  3. if you are that worried about being near a rat you probably shouldn't go to any park, or city, or near anyone that feeds the birds in their garden, they are everywhere!
  4. most laptops have error codes within the lights. what model is it? and do any lights flash when you power it on?
  5. Watched Des and thought it was pretty poor. Just watched all three seasons of Broadchurch as I missed them when it came out and they were all brilliant. Deffo worth a watch.
  6. New series of Bake off, I thought it was good. Not generally sure about Matt Lucas but I liked him, he did a good job in the first episode. Look to be some interesting people in the tent and nice to have a program which has some normality about it, a welcome distraction! Good on him for his Boris mockery at the start as well!
  7. They taking fridge freezers again? i don't want to drag it up there to find it was not on some list of essential only items!
  8. Looking at buying a listed property, it looks like quite a bit of work has been done over the years without permission and it's general state of repair means it needs quite a lot of work doing. Owner says the council just aren't interested and have never been to see the place even when asked, he seems genuine.. if you have a listed property, how have your found the council? Last thing we want is to buy it and then get told loads of things have been done and we have to put it back to how it should be! Cheers
  9. Any electricians out there? just after a rough cost to rewire a large old house. 3000sqare foot, about 16 rooms! and it's old! thanks
  10. I don't think meadowhall expected it to get that bad last night which still leaves them no excuse for sending out a press release at 9am this morning to say they were open as usual. I came off at j34 gone ten this morning and it was blocked by policeso encouraging people to try and get there was ridiculous!
  11. Anyone else lost all the HD channels after re-tuning freeview the other day? That is on the south yorkshire region, re-tune and select east yorks and Lincolnshire and I get them all back. Has the South yorks transmitter had it's service cut?
  12. Looking for recommendations, think my cats teeth need looking at, any recommendations? I've used Highfield vets on London road before and thought they were fine but that was a few years ago. Live in burngreave so ideally something reasonably Central Ish!! Thanks
  13. Thee work should not change, I cover an area with multiple and changing sites so not at one location. The service desk I am sure will all lose their jobs as the new company will have a big one in India. They will still need the mobile guys on the ground though in the UK unless they have their own existing engineers, which is a worry as being told you are safe until March seems to imply that after march, who knows! We don't even know the name of the company yet so can't even look to see what other contracts they have to see how they operate. In theory with Tupe I assumed that we would be OK for a year, but the wording implies otherwise...
  14. Thanks everyone, all info greatfully received! I expected to get screwed over after a year but the wording saying your job is safe until March was a surprise. Sounds like they already plan to restructure immedietly. The roles will still exist, it is the IT function for a 10000+ employee company so someone has to keep it running! We have not been given redundacny as an option, we are in the pot of people being tupe'd. Other people are in a pot with role mathcing and redundancy but we don't have a choice.
  15. So my job is being outsourced, the whole team is being tupe'd to some as yet un-named company, supposedly at the start of December. We have just received an email saying that The outsource provider will be contractually committed to retain staff transferred under TUPE until their service area transitions from as-is to the new outsourcer operating model/service. This means that all staff in scope for TUPE will have job security until at least march. Long-term employment opportunities with the outsource provider will be discussed during the collective and individual TUPE consultation, including wider opportunities within the outsource provider organisation. I thought TUPE meant they could not change your terms and conditions for a year? The work will still be there so they can't just replace us with cheaper versions or give it to their existing staff. (assuming they have people in their business doing similar roles). Guess as the moment we just have to wait and see as we have zero information but this does sound like after 3 months they plan to screw us over! Anyone know much about it? thanks
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