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  1. neeeeeeeeeek

    Local remapping and EGR delete recommendations

    Depends on the car and engine. Some are great, some it won't really help.
  2. I want to stick cameras at the front and rear of the house to alert of intruders. The cameras will sit on the windowsill inside and point out. The sort that have an app that pushes notifications to my Android phone via an app, if someone walks up to the house it will record and alert my phone. There are hundreds on Amazon, most about 30/40quid and the cameras seem to get good reviews and seem easy to set up but the apps are often rubbish! Anyone got one they can recommend that actually works? I don’t want to have to pay for a cloud subscription either if I can avoid it. If it can email pics to my google account that would be ideal. After a spare of burglaries in the area I would like to be alerted when people are snooping around my house! This sort of thing.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Veroyi-Camera-Surveillance-Security-Function/dp/B07MG4XB6F/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_sims?ie=UTF8 ieGeek 1080 IP Camera Veroyi DM-01 IP Camera APEMAN WiFi Camera 1080 I want to get an external one as well if you have a good one of those to recommend. This has been recomended.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07C75C47B/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07C75C47B&pd_rd_w=MlfME&pf_rd_p=e2bfafb5-111e-4906-b089-5d691a51d45f&pd_rd_wg=9JvtD&pf_rd_r=3TMCWY4T5KH3E5G8P7JS&pd_rd_r=97a401ad-6032-11e9-8790-4f31a93d3f06 Thanks 😊
  3. I want a basic wifi camera to stick on the windowsill so it detects people walking up to the house, then pushes alerts to my phone via an app. (Android) There are literally hundreds on Amazon, most have good reviews but the apps that go with them are often pretty awful. I would like one that does not need a paid account for cloud storage, my google email will be fine as I won't be keeping the data and don;t need 24/7 recording. Anyone got one they can recommend? I don't mind spending more for a better one but they all seem basically the same! A few that I've looked at on Amazon, [NEW UPDATE] ieGeek 1080 IP Camera Veroyi DM-01 IP Camera APEMAN WiFi Camera 1080P Thanks
  4. So May is planning on bringing her deal back for a fourth time next week πŸ€”πŸ™ˆπŸ˜¨
  5. Haha, brilliant, even after all this time you're still clinging to some dilusion that we have wasted our superior bargaining position and we should have demanded what we want as if we were some colonial superpower that people should bow down in front of! So what would you have done the would have had the rest of Europe quivering in their weird foreign boots?? The EU have been pretty consistent..
  6. This made me laugh πŸ˜‚ https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/i-only-smirked-because-it-was-fking-hilarious-says-bercow-20190319183707
  7. neeeeeeeeeek

    Any floods?

    Various flood warnings in place, just wondered if the Don had breached anywhere?
  8. Haha, brilliant!! The majority of the UK will be significantly worse off, with the poorest hit hardest, and you try and spin this into a positive by pointing out that women will be approximately Β£7.00 a year better off if the UK ditch VAT on sanitary products? Well, that's converted me, who cares about food prices going up, billions lost with companies leaving the UK, massive queues at ports, billions spent duplicating all the systems we share with the EU that we lose access to, job uncertainty, lack of trade with other countries as none of the promised trade deals are in place, NHS significantly worse off etc etc etc, it's all good cos women save seven quid a year....
  9. neeeeeeeeeek

    Hidden Events - Immersive Cinematic Experience

    Any more info? it doesn't really tell me enough to want to book it!
  10. Looking to go to Greece for a low cost holiday, we usually got to Parga as it has everything we want but thinking we should try somewhere different. I've been told Rhodes is nice by people who have been but not for years! Not got kids and don't want to spend the week sat on a beach so looking for a place that has stuff to see and do. The old town is supposed to be interesting so probably stay around there if we go. I've also been told it's expensive... We would like somewhere with a nice harbour where you can sit and watch the world go by, reasonably priced food, not bothered about shopping or owt. Might rent a car if the rest of the island has stuff to see. Anyone been? Do you recommend it? what do you like about the place? Thanks
  11. neeeeeeeeeek

    Heinz tomato ketchup

    Low low salt and sugar one is good, I prefer it now, the normal ones tastes far too sweet. Same as giving up sugar in tea, it;s what you get used to!
  12. neeeeeeeeeek

    Latest stabbing in london

    Awful that a 14 year old lad has been killed in what the police believe is a targeted attack but at 14, why was he driving around London on a Moped? Has the law changed?
  13. neeeeeeeeeek

    Anyone lease a car?

    Thanks all, I think the six year old policy is mean, it's not like I'm driving around in a rusty MK2 escort with different colours doors and the exhaust hanging off!! It just means I'm forced to sell a perfectly good car and spend even more money on another one! Sounds like leasing is expensive unless you want a small basic car and if I wanted one of those I might as well get a company one! Anyone want to buy a brilliant 530 touring in a few months!!
  14. neeeeeeeeeek

    Anyone lease a car?

    Never heard of personal lease, thanks, shall check it out
  15. neeeeeeeeeek

    Anyone lease a car?

    I currently get a car allowance as I don't think much of the choice of cars in my bracket. Trouble is the car can has to be under six years old and that is coming up so I am considering leasing a car. Any one do it? Any recommendations or advice? My monthly millage varies I guess I do 15k a year or there about but I might end up doing loads less or loads more if things change! Is all servicing usually included? Then you pay a one off fee at the start? Do any include insurance? I live i an expensive insurance area of town! Can you lease cars that are used at a cheaper price? I don't mind it not being new. I want something decent but reasonably economical, BMW 325d or similar would be good, pretty quick but still 40/50 mpg if I am nice to it! Open to other mid performance cars but when I trawl through Autotrader for 2015 /2016 cars I always seem to end back with BMW! No point in leasing a 1.4d focus or similar as I can get one of those as a company car, are there any makes that offer really good deals generally? if I have the cash am I better off sticking with private ownership and buying a 2015 / 16 car that I can keep for 2 or 3 years? My 530D has been great but depreciation, general servicing and the odd servicing expense it has made me wonder if a lease would be a better idea. Sorry for the rambling post

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