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  1. I'm pretty sure the Albert Hall faithful will still sing it. They'll hold Zoom parties and all sing together. As an aside....there was a guest on the TV chat show earlier who had obviously just picked up on the "S" word....and that is why he wasn't happy that the song is allowed to be sung at all. He made the mistake of bringing Ireland into the equation - saying that what Northern Irishman would want to sing the National Anthem given the history. Mmmmm, wrong example to give. The presenter (Irish)....read the words to the Irish National Anthem which also contains the "S" word........and said that all National Anthems are patriotic to the cause - understandably. This is nothing but a diversionary tactic from the government to cover over the shoddy way they are dealing with the current situation.....oh look....there's a squirrel! SQUIRREL!
  2. So what happens to those who live in the Oughtibridge/ Middlewood corridor? Once again we won't have a bus. Just a repeat of when the land slipped and the 57 was rerouted. Disgraceful really. Not everyone can walk the distance. 😐
  3. They don't exactly make it easy finding 10p tickets do they??? Spent time wading through destinations, dates and times to get nowhere.
  4. I've kept rats as pets in the past and one of the thing they love most is peanut butter (I kid you not).....bait with peanut butter on bread - I used to make mine tiny sandwiches (about an inch square). Pretty sure a trap baited with them will get you the result you need. :)
  5. If you like this on piano....have a look at Cameron Carpenter Revolutionary Etude Chopin....and hear that difficult bit being played on organ pedals. That'll knock your socks off.
  6. So all the previous happened in March 2018. It is now September and the place looks like its been wrecked and abandoned. Even the felled trees have sprouted shoots and there are new leaves. All extremely sad. Will it ever get finished or will it just become another of Sheffield's hideous eyesores.
  7. Yes....tweeted...Private messaged....TWICE. He uses twitter a lot for all of his photo opportunities. I'm wondering if there is any more substance to the man other than the photos.
  8. I was all ready to say YES to this new Mayor....thinking he might be the breath of fresh air this city needs BUT after contacting him on a matter I believe he could help with I don't even get an acknowledgement....nothing, nada, zilch. This guy put forward his agenda. The help needed was centred around an area of discrimination I believe he is passionate about. So, is this new guy just there for the photo opportunities???? In which case he is not much good to Sheffield at all. I must say I am disappointed....he could have responded with "I can't help you (but I know someone who can)"....or even a "Sod off". NOTHING. That silence speaks volumes about his real intent!
  9. There'd be no fare dodging if they bought Jean back....she didn't take flack from anyone.
  10. Sorry, the above post is still undergoing testing.
  11. Or.....get rid of Microsoft and go over to Linux. No AntiVirus needed.
  12. They're still being tested....just HOW LONG does it take to get the correct information on those boards? First post in this thread was April 2015
  13. The amount of times I've tried to buy an old woman without any success. Thanks for the heads up....I'll get one from there
  14. News right now. Three other blocks have combustible cladding. 600 blocks have similar cladding to Grenfell Tower. Councils have been told to send samples of any cladding for testing. Odd, considering a council spokeswoman said Sheffield Tower blocks were safe LAST WEEK. How did she know? On what evidence did she base her assurance? Or was she just spouting rubbish to deflect any concerns from residents??
  15. The whole thing is politicised...by the very fact that those involved and those who lost their lives are living in a council block in a London borough who wishes that people like them were not there. Part of the reason for adding the cladding was because posher people who had to look at the tower as it was complained to the council that it was an eyesore. Do you think that this would have happened to a privately owned tower of flats where builders, contractors would have had to have kept to health and safety guidelines...and most definitely had to include a sprinkler system...or at least dry risers (that in this tower were removed during the refurbishment). Or do you want to live in a fluffy pink world where poor people don't exist?
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