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  1. As it's 25 years since Hope and anchor brewery shut ,time for a reunion. This will be on Friday 24th May at Jubilee Sports and Social Club from 1930 hrs. Any past employees are welcome and if any forum member knows any body who worked there could they let them know. Any photos or memorabilia anyone brings would be interesting .
  2. Used to be friends with the family who lived there in the 60s ,they owned a decorating business and the record shop on Wadsley bridge shops. There was a great orchard all round the house ,great for scromping. Molinari's ice cream took over some of the land to park their Van's. I was amazed that inside there was a separate staircase that went into the kitchen for staff to use.
  3. Rip Pete By the way Ike and Tina Turner wasn't the first all nighter and he didn't run Days dancing.
  4. According to Drax who are now using wood pellets from USA ,saplings absorb more carbon than mature trees ,so this will be great for anti pollution!
  5. Last night on BBC there was a programme about IKEA,very interesting . One fact that came out IKEA use the equivalent of 70 million trees a year in their furniture. This makes the small number of trees in being cut down fade into irrevelance with regard to Oxygen levels on the planet. Will the protesters now also turn to IKEA and refuse their products and protest on site. 70 million trees being cut down is massive ,plus how many trees are being cut down to feed Drax power station yet no protests seems very strange ,perhaps a poet being there would help !,
  6. Noticed signs outside Burger King on Penistone rd and bottom of Herries rd pointing cycle paths to Ougntbridge. Is this a new area of Sheffield or what ? Can't believe somebody can print this out and then put them up on posts.
  7. It's a working man's club owned by members ,how can new management open it? Unless the members call an EGM and appoint new committee,secretary,treasurer etc but that takes time as well as finding interested people.
  8. Used new app in Rawson's a number off times,great when there are queues. This is the future,use one touch Paypal,beer delivered to table in two minutes from ordering !!
  9. Good to see a slight bit of Sheffield history with the name. Hope brewery owned by Bass used to be owned by Carter ,Miller and Bird. Bass when sold split into Mitchell and Butlers and IHC. So Mitchell and Butler reverting back to old Sheffield brewers names but no Bird.
  10. Reunion for all ex Hope employees at the Railway hotel Penistone rd from 7.30 onwards.
  11. There is a reunion for all ex Hope brewery employees at the Railway Inn Halifax rd on Friday 17th June from 7.30 onwards . It will be 22years since it shut in it's heyday one days kegging would produce about as much beer as all these small breweries would produce in a month together!!
  12. Hooray tree outside my house has been cut down. Now I can get garden wall rebuilt that roots have caused a massive split. I can cut front lawn without tree shoots being there. I can park my car without being covered in bird c##p.
  13. I was on the march past the cenotaph in London this weekend. At the end of the march coming towards Horse Guards Parade there is a car park for all consulate cars. There was Jeremy Corbyn ,who instead of going for free dinner and drinks was stood there. He clapped every veteran and marcher as they went past. This was totally ignored in the press,but was much appreciated by everybody on the march. He was the only politician there acknowledging the marchers,the others were filling their snouts.
  14. I used to get anxious about flying and used to have a bit to drink before flying. I was one of those who you hope isn't sat next to you. Realised that alcohol increased my anxieties now fly sober and no problems. Still glad to land though. My OH falls asleep taxiing!!(
  15. Enjoyed seeing all the yellow bikes all over the place. But saw one today on the back of a scrap metal collectors transit. I know the council put them up but who do they belong to and should they come down? Also should scrap yards refuse to take them as they are that obvious?
  16. Stones was brewed at Cannon brewery and Hope Brewery in Sheffield. Exchange brewery was Whitbread and brewed Trophy,Gold label etc. Have to admit that Stones is not like it was mainly due to the reduction in ABV.
  17. I may be wrong but I was lead to believe that by slitting the throat ,this was to enable the blood to drain out. This was necessary in the hot countries to stop the meat going off. Now we have fridges does this practice still need to be enforced. Is this another belief that should be brought into the 21st century in countries that have fridges.
  18. Reunion for all Hope and Anchor employees at Jubilee Club Friday 7th February 7.00 onwards. Hope to see you there George. See previous thread re brewery on clay wheels lane.Had quite a good response so far and expect quite a few people there. If you have still got any contacts ie.John Buddery,John Leckie, Dave Ash forth or whoever please let them know.
  19. Just turn up on the night no tickets required just bring some memories!!
  20. In January it will be 20 years since the brewery shut! There is a reunion planned at Jubilee Sports Club on February 7th from 7.00 onwards.Anybody who worked there is invited . Any photos or memorabilia would be welcome. Any questions ring Jubilee or pm me
  21. I applied for JSA after working all my life,but unfortunately I was drawing a couple of private pensions.They said I was due JSA yippee until I saw the amount 0.65 a week. I went back and signed off. Have you found a job? Nope but it costs more in shoe leather to come here every week than that amount. So now I am one of the lucky ones that Cameron boasts has come of the register so must have found a job. They also issued me with a P45 with the totally wrong tax code on it,it will get sorted out next April eehh!! Never mind onwards and upwards.
  22. If my memory serves me right Carbone was offered £29000 a week. He turned it down because he'd got to pay his own income tax. He then left the club, but I may be wrong.
  23. Tha'll be allreight in there don't worry ! You'll have no problem
  24. Have you tried Jubilee Sports Club on Clay wheels lane ?
  25. Went on Friday night had pulled pork enjoyed it it ,bit dry but OK . Cornbread and coleslaw very good. But why serve it in enamel dog bowls and old tin cans ,this was lost on me! Also agree with previous poster about sat with drinkers and not in separate dining area. Also had fried pickles more batter than pickles! Would go again but my partner would'nt .
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