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Which simple video editor can do the following..


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Looking for a simple, lightweight video editor, with the following functionality:


Can export movies at any resolution (so, that's iMovie out).

Can import clips, audio and images.

Able to splice clips and join together in some kind of timeline.

Simple transitions between clips (only really need cross-fade).

Can add separate audio track and images to the timeline.

Decent control over audio, like fade in and out.


Can be either Mac or Windows. Any suggestions?

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Thanks. I've tried Movie Maker. It's good in that it's simple, only, it's limited to a certain number of resolutions for the output movie. So, no use to me.


I suppose it may be an idea to export to a bigger resolution, then use something else to crop it down to, say 320x480 or whatever. Guess that would hurt quality though..

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A pity you are restricting yourself to Window and Mac!:D


In GNU/Linux (all free!) I use OpenShot video editor (which does most of what you require) and it can output in different resolutions, as can KDEnlive.


Not as restricting as getting the drivers for his graphics card.

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Here we go again ! :hihi:


But of course!:D


---------- Post added 23-03-2013 at 19:29 ----------


Not as restricting as getting the drivers for his graphics card.


Well if I knew what it was I am sure I could sort that out! Personally, I use the GNU/Linux drivers on this rig - with Zorin, no issue - works straight out of the box:


Asus Phenom II x6 core with on-board ATi (AMD) 3000 graphics chip using the 'nouveau' GNU/Linux experimental driver - also worked on my old rig with an nvidia AGP card! Use record my desktop for screen capture, edit with OpenShot Video editor and occasionally with KDEnlive.


Which produced this:



and I had to set the video output to match what Vimeo supports!:D

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try freemake video convertor.


It's free and allows you to change output for avi, mpeg, flash, wmv..whatever you need. Can also change the resolution on the output, but remember the quality will never be better then that of the original source.


I use freemake it's really easy to use and desired results are fine.



daz :)

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