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  1. I'm not the OP by the way, I was saying mine runs waaay better with SSD that with regular IDE, boot time now 14 seconds when it was around 4 minutes before. I did a spec-check for windows 11 and it came back my lapdancer wasn't upto it 🤕
  2. just made this, hope it's ok to post?
  3. I've a similar laptop to yours but a step up, similar age though the LENOVO ideapad 310 i7. All you can upgrade the memory to is 8GB, not brill but..... Mine also starting running like warm cheese a couple of years ago. The trigger was after an update it took literally 10 minutes to get back on it's feet. Nightmare. From a cold boot it would take about 4 minutes, also not great. Installed an SSD and did a complete system clone, warts and all, with a SSD-USB adaptor cable. Boot time went from 4 minutes to 15 seconds AND IM NOT EXAGERATING, and that's from cold to an operational Chrome screen too. Software boot times when from 10ish seconds to INSTANT. After 2 years off SSD it's shown no signs of slowing.
  4. Chrome Cast or Amazon Firestick for casting. Just have the Tab plugged in all the while to power. I had a TabA and enjoyed it for the more demanding Android gaming, also with a Sim slot good for gaming abroad with free roaming (when we used to have free roaming).
  5. If you need any network cabling installing get in touch
  6. I use facebook groups for advertising quite a lot, or did, I'd write an Ad with numerous images, quite a bit of text, and post it as an item for sale. What used to happen was after clicking next it would say add upto 20 more pages and show all the sales groups I'm subscribed with. Now it doesn't. The only thing I did prior, was start another Public group for something not sales related, thought otherwise and deleted it. Since then I can't multiple group post from any sales pages. Any idea what's possibly gone awry? Works ok on phone with same FB account. TIA.
  7. I've had a few of them, straight in the bin.
  8. Installed a 250GB SSD to my i7 Lenovo ideapad a couple of years ago at least. Almost all of the time I just close the lit putting the Lap to sleep. Then one day it did an upgrade requiring a reboot. Took about 5 minutes to load from cold after that. Basically, the SSD took me from a 5 minute boot time at a functional Google Chrome screen to 15 seconds. Still the same now, 14-20 seconds depending why it's cold booting. It's actually quicker than my Samsung S20 at waking up.
  9. Moved to another address on the website. Still a registered company.
  10. I've connected a LOT of outbuildings at the bottom of peoples gardens recently, masses working from home and want a summer house turning into an office, people building bars because the pubs have been shut etc and want the full speed of the router (without moving the router). Best for routing depends on your layout.
  11. If you want this sorting out get in touch. Regards.
  12. You have to consider, you get what you pay for really, obviously. Consider a mesh network, self installing is a doddle and will work across any network.
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