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  1. walkertelecoms

    humax recorder. explanation please

    I agree, the box works well as a booster. Mine is never fully shut down, just in sleep mode.
  2. walkertelecoms

    humax recorder. explanation please

    That might just be with Sky boxes. My Humax box will record 2 things while I watch a 3rd.
  3. walkertelecoms

    help with b/b router set up

    Hehe yes that can be a tad challenging too, I fit any extension wires before screwing the faceplate to the backbox/wall
  4. walkertelecoms

    help with b/b router set up

    I fit both types, the filtered face-plates from a tech's pov are bit, fragile, in the way they fit. It's a slotted fitting. The pre 2018's at least have the 20mm screws holding everything together. I know another tech, he prefers to actually remove the plastic pushdowns inside and terminate straight onto the IDC type connection left behind. Yes the new ones look nicer and more streamline, but one flick of a vacuum cleaner and they release. All you need to do Davyboy, is leave the cable that goes from the BT socket to the BT fiber box connected to the Faceplate, unplug it from the fiber box. Remove everything else pertaining to the old BB setup. On the back of the new router there will be ONE socket that is correct size for the RJ11 (router to bt) lead. Don't plug the router cable into one of the 4 (there's usually 4) network sockets on the back of the router. It will physically fit but you will see a Network socket is larger than the BB connection socket. That's all you have to do really.
  5. walkertelecoms

    Data transfer.

    Is it just a short term thing, shifting files while you format? USB sticks are cheap, I bought a 16gb one for about a fiver off eBay.
  6. walkertelecoms

    Dashcam installer recommendations required

    I'm not an odd job man, every job has its professional, I expect and require a professional service and will be paying for that. There's no corrolation between telecommunications and the job I require. You don't have to take it to the main dealer for work, but if you want to keep the warranty up you can't have it serviced by your grandad.
  7. walkertelecoms

    Fast broadband but really slow on one machine?

    It's likely your PC. Coiling Cat5 together won't make a great deal of difference to the cables capability, as sometimes I coil Cat5 in 8, 16, 24 and 48 cable bundles (and more).
  8. walkertelecoms

    Connecting pc to lounge tv

    ...or you can cast using a WDTV box, as do I now and again.
  9. walkertelecoms

    Dashcam installer recommendations required

    I would, if in my van, but into my wife's £31k SUV I want a specialist. Having a pop myself would probably also endanger it's 7yr bumper to bumper warranty.
  10. Anyone know of a good dashcam fitting company? I'm looking for a full established company, not an odd job man. Thanks.
  11. walkertelecoms

    Is eBay finished?

    It's relative. They may not mate Amazons trillions, but I make more than an ice-cream man so.......
  12. walkertelecoms

    Is eBay finished?

    Hmm Ebay makes over $7m per day, so I think it'll be a while until they're classed as struggling.
  13. walkertelecoms

    Best Internet Provider S20

    I'm at S20 and get 50mb all day long with EE (non superfast)
  14. walkertelecoms

    May fleet/alfred geldard

    That's my fathers in laws father. Must've been many many years ago.
  15. walkertelecoms

    Neighbours away

    I'm always advertising, but not about that.

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