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  1. You have to consider, you get what you pay for really, obviously. Consider a mesh network, self installing is a doddle and will work across any network.
  2. Attic definitely best place for it for overall coverage, people sometimes see the WiFi drop towards the place the TV's are (front of house) so cable networking gives an interference free full speed connection, for TV's and Box's/Consoles.
  3. BT Mesh Systems, I've installed hundreds all with no issues, unless customers move them around after I leave.
  4. Was a 256gb SSD that gave my laptop the boost it needed. From cold to a usable Chrome browser window went for 3 minutes to about 20 seconds It's the cloning of the old drive that took me a while. Downloaded an app, bought a USB to SATA adaptor (£3) and the whole process took about 15 minutes in the end.
  5. £27 a month sounds like a fiber price anyway, that speed you have, may very well be an internal wiring problem. Maybe an external one. I'm going to P.M. you, if you're local to me i'll pop out for free and check your wiring, start with the basics. Cheers.
  6. Did you speedtest with everything turned off apart from the testing device? 12down seems a tad grim with 9up.
  7. My daughter has a KIA Sportage GTLine and they tweak the maps at the annual KIA service. It also has internet connectivity so you can tweak. Tether your mobile and get all the updates and live services (Like GoogleMaps) on the move. Free. https://www.birchwoodgroup.co.uk/kia/technology/connected-services/
  8. Though you're getting 34mb (what are you using to test it btw) it doesn't mean you're getting 34mb at the Box end. Always better to hard wire data to any media streaming device rather than wifi. Get your router over behind the TV it'll run a lot better.
  9. Recording on a SKY+ box is subscription only. Suggested above you can get a Freesat recorder box that had 2x RF which allows recording max 2 while watching a 3rd. 2x Sat + 1xRF https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/323026787556 If you ever saw a Sky+ recorder box recording without subscription, it was an illegal box.
  10. I agree, the box works well as a booster. Mine is never fully shut down, just in sleep mode.
  11. That might just be with Sky boxes. My Humax box will record 2 things while I watch a 3rd.
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