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  1. Would you feel different if the killer had been your son.
  2. Many times, both online and in person and to no avail, never again will I report anyone for motoring offences after seeing the complete inactivity of the police regarding this matter. ---------- Post added 17-07-2016 at 23:04 ---------- Just checked on Askmid and DVLA car tax check and they are taking the urine, leave them to it thats what I say after seeing nothing happen with these idiots, I'll look after number one from now on.
  3. I know a driver who has not been insured, taxed or had any MOT on any of his cars for the last 4 years and he has never had a pull, ever.
  4. Thats what I reckon too, something to do with that nuclear missile site they say is owned by HSBC
  5. Good, any threads involving you are always rather tedious anyway so keep up the good work.
  6. If this is the case it an awful decision, narrow minded fools.
  7. I wish people would stop trying to tell others what they can or cannot eat.
  8. Give it time and they will be saying she is a bad parent. ---------- Post added 10-11-2014 at 22:14 ---------- Its not my fault or indeed anyone else's that your friends are munters.
  9. I dont know any astronauts either, what of it ?
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