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Electric Blankets

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I bought mine last summer in Morrissons, for £20, it's machine washable and (with care).


For what it cost and what it does, it's one of the best investments I've made in years.


However I don't know if they are still stocking them.



Worth a try tho if you don't like getting into a cold bed.

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Get a nice warm woman to go to bed an hour before you,then just roll her over and a nice warm bed awaits.


Good luck with that, warm women are a rare breed...we're usually all nesh as hell and like nothing more than to stick our corpse like feet on a blokes warm back :hihi:


We just bought an electric overblanket and it's great. Underblankets tend to leave you quite hot in the middle of the night but the overblanket stops the heat from escaping...and ours is dual control so I can leave mine on a nice cosy setting all night and my Hubby's turns off after 30mins

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