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  1. A Star Is Born....9/10. Really enjoyed this film. It was much better than what I expected. Bradley Cooper's great, but it's Lady Gaga who steals the show. I'd have given it a 10/10, but the script writing didn't seem as strong about two thirds of the way through. The vocals performances from both actors are terrific.
  2. The trailer has the only good bits in it. I was sucked in by the trailer!
  3. Trust me, it is terrible! We thought it'd be brill as the reviewers are raving about it. I think they have well & truly had our pants down with this one!
  4. Hereditary....1/10. One of the worst films I've ever seen! Don't believe all the hype. It's slow, boring and definitely not scary. We went expecting to pee our pants with fear but ended up laughing through most of it because it was just so daft. We waited all the way to the end for the "really disturbing" bits but there wasn't any. Cack!
  5. Well, that's a relief! But the Star have got some of the story wrong. She was taken out on Saturday morning, so she must of been in over Friday night. And she must of been well awake before 9.30am because the restaurant alarm was going off from at least 8.30am & all of Broomhill could hear it! Still, surely you'd think the staff would check if anyone was left in the premises before locking up & leaving? What if there'd had been a fire?
  6. It isn't a made up story. We saw it all happen. I can't tell you what happened to the girl after she was let out. They got her out after ripping off the shutter and breaking the door open & then the police were talking to her, but I don't know what happened to her after that.
  7. I thought she looked around 20 ish. Long blonde hair dressed in black trousers and a white shirt. I thought maybe a member of staff? But surely if she was staff she would of phoned someone to let them know she was locked in? I thought maybe a customer who'd had too much bevy & passed out somewhere?? But then again why not use the phone to alert someone she was in there? Why would the police use forced entry? It just seemed very odd & quite worrying.
  8. Yesterday morning the alarm was going off at Balti King Broomhhill. The police arrived and the fire brigade. They used force to get the back shutter off and break open the back door. There was a girl found locked inside the restaurant. So I am curious as to why a person could be locked in all night?
  9. I have a box of this (82 tablets left in box) if anyone can use it. My old puss had it as a supplement in his food when his arthritis was mild. He now needs a stronger medication as the arthritis is severe in all four corners NB Product is now spoken for.
  10. I popped in to give Cawa a try today. It was one of the worst coffees I'd ever had (even worse than Macdonald's). It tasted like burnt ash. When I asked for a vanilla latte I was told "we don't use chemicals here". It was £2.80 for a medium drink which was actually more like a small in size. The drink was also dangerously scalding hot. I wont be going back. Onto another Broomhill coffee shop ....what's happened to Nam Song? It's had a new shop sign put up that now says "Five Rivers Coffee". Anyone know anything about it?
  11. My favourite ever choccie bars are these http://www.demetsturtles.com/products/original/ DeMets Turtle bars mmmmm....... I can't get enough of them if I'm in the States. They're tricky to find over here. You can get them here at American Candy outlets, but they never seem to taste as good.
  12. Well....I've been doing some outdoor fundraising recently & the beggars who are in the same area as me seem to do very well for themselves. They actually take each other on to sit in the best spot. In about an hour they usually have enough cash to go & buy alcohol. They also have regular donations of coffee and food. One even put some of HIS collection into my bucket! And then he offered to share a donation of a subway that he'd been given with me! But on a not so positive note...I also overheard two other regular beggars discussing what they were going to steal from the local shops when they'd finished
  13. Why don't you ask these organizations why you're being told no. It could be something in your details they are wary of but feel uncomfortable confronting you about. I would want to know if it was me. It could be a number of reasons. Where you live, the home environment, if the existing cat is up to date with vaccs etc. At least if you knew why they are knocking you back you would have a chance to put them right.
  14. I have gum disease. Good dental hygiene is essential. Soft brushes (they don't erode the gums), flossing & use of interdental brushes to get the minute pieces of food out from between your teeth & Listerine Gum treatment mouthwash seem to keep it under control. My Dentist also advises salt water mouthwashes every day. This works well, particularly at times when my gums are bad. On a not so positive note, bad gums are also an inherited problem & it is the number one cause of tooth loss. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts, my teeth have started to "move" and several are now loose
  15. I use Peak Vets. My cat has to be seen by the vet every 6 months ( which is classed as a paid consultation) but then I can order his heart meds at any time. Even if you order via the internet, I think you still need to have a valid prescription from your vet. Peak also have a discount scheme for pets needing repeat prescriptions. My cat has on/off problems with arthritis. If it is bothering him I give him these.... http://www.petnaturals.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=7009605030 They work very well & he loves them, so no trauma trying to get a tablet down him. You can get them via Amazon.
  16. But how & with what are they feeding that tiger? There's not enough food for the survivors & Negan's taking half of everything that everyone's got! And I just don't buy into the idea that a tiger would be a kitten on a leash just because a trainer was nice to her. Seigfried & Roy's history says different
  17. I binge watched seasons 1-6 to catch up & was looking forward to 7. Ep 1 was brutal but riveting. I was bored through ep 2 & ep 3 was really annoying. I think this season may get better as it goes on, but I just cant get on with all new storylines. I really liked the Jesus character from Hilltop, but the whole Kingdom thing with the tiger:loopy: Naked Daryl was a bonus for the last episode, but at this point we've cancelled Now TV. We only signed up to get TWD....but I've kind of gone off it a bit now. Also Now TV kept freezing out with "technical issues" which was blooming annoying!
  18. Just found out about this... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2026212/vicar-son-of-outspoken-former-archbishop-of-canterbury-lord-carey-molested-young-girl-in-1980s/ Wasn't he a practicing priest at Grenoside at one point?
  19. I'm redoing The Walking Dead at the mo. Just finished watching Containment on E4. I got to quite like it. Does anyone know if there will be a Season 2?
  20. Well organized Charities should have in place a system of secure whistle blowing for instances like these. I often think that Charities should be sending in their own operatives to volunteer at their charity shops. Not just to monitor for malpractice, but to actually give them a better understanding of what it's like to work in these places.
  21. There will probably be less of the dodgy bag scam ones being distributed because the amount of cash paid out for textile recycling has crashed to an all time low, so it's not really worth the effort for the scamsters.
  22. I think what Grahamy means is that there are some collection bags that have printed info on them saying a percentage of the cash raised from the selling on of collected textiles etc will go to a named charity, when it doesn't. The money is kept by the enterprise that is running it. Sometimes the named charity on the bag doesn't even exist.
  23. Most charities have stopped puting out donation sacks door to door as it's just not cost effective. Definitely take your donations into the charity of your choice rather than leaving them outside cos they just get rifled through by passers by. And have a good think about what you are actually donating. Is it of benefit to the charity or is it just a load of tat that cant be sold? It costs charities a fortune to get rid of the unsalable & unrecyclable donations because quite often folk just dump their unwanted cak at the nearest charity shop which is mean.
  24. Peak Vets 100%. With 24 hour emergency cover provided on their premises I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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