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  1. I think I'll point Dave Gorman at this topic. I'm sure he'd have great fun making a "found poem" from this lot LOL
  2. When visiting the Clifton Park museum...... UNDER the main exhibits, there are drawers & cupboards, Have a peep in them if you are interested. There are some cool items in there.
  3. Sounds a bit like Hoyland. Except it doesn't have any of those features.
  4. Yes It looks like a scene from an apocolypse movie (Dawn of the dead) or something. Glad I don't live within view of it or I'd never open the curtains 😀
  5. Note: Signal strength IS impaired if the Humax box is switched off whilst watching through loop.
  6. All this is very interesting, but how do you explain Arnie? I'll be back!
  7. Yep! It's no secret..... It's called "Globalisation" It's not exactly new is it? And it isn't going to go away, no matter how many times the UK wants to be insular. Lets face it, the steelworks down the road aint opening up again anytime soon. ADAPT and OVERCOME.
  8. Why? Just because you have been told so? Maybe such behaviour is "common" where you are, but less so 3 streets away?
  9. Or you don't know many people, and/or are very myopic of what is reported/discussed/debated almost every day in various news/social forums
  10. That's because it is! Only social pressures make it seem "out of character" It's a bit like the way dogs don't bite you because you feed them. So beware of anyone who owns a pig farm.
  11. If it covers his head, I don't think anyone will notice 😁
  12. For goodness sake, does "Practical Application" mean anything to YOU? Yes we'd all live zero carbon lives etc etc BUT! nobody is going to do it if it's difficult. Or if their electricity is going to be stolen by the "scrotes up the street" while they are asleep 17 stories up. Would you even "risk it"? No, of course not. Now lets have some realistic ideas
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