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  1. Crosser

    Honda leaving - possible alternatives?

    For goodness sake, does "Practical Application" mean anything to YOU? Yes we'd all live zero carbon lives etc etc BUT! nobody is going to do it if it's difficult. Or if their electricity is going to be stolen by the "scrotes up the street" while they are asleep 17 stories up. Would you even "risk it"? No, of course not. Now lets have some realistic ideas
  2. Crosser

    Battery Recycling

    Chuck em in the bin, that's what happens to them anyway. Then they will be seperated by the army of workers & machines who we pay, to do these tasks via our council tax. Scamalot!
  3. Crosser

    Honda leaving - possible alternatives?

    Just one small point about charging these here electric vehicles.... All the banter seems to assume that everyone has a drive/garage. Now what happens if you happen to live on the top floor of a 17 storey block of flats? That's gonna be one long cable, and hopefully nobody will interfere with it(possibly rendering it dangerous).
  4. Crosser

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    "More petrol would be burned"? Are you joking? It seems to me that Sheffield is the slowest city in the UK for traffic throughput. Many places just keep motorists waiting for no reason . Instance: Halifax Road/Lidl junction, There is hardly ever anyone coming from that junction onto Halifax Road, however it seems to have one of the longest waiting times , especially for an arterial route into the city. I wonder how many GALLONS of fuel are wasted there daily, not to mention the carbon footprint, and that's just ONE junction
  5. Crosser

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Do I think someone who has abandoned their country of residence to join an alliance which opposes the very same is wrong? Yes Do I think they should be let back into the same society after shunning and seemingly wanting to do harm the said society? No BUT! Members of that very same society seem to me to be just as myopic and self centred as to no t be able to see any other point of view other than their own. This is the major problem with society today. I'm right. You're wrong. not listening. Whilst there are arguments on ANY point of view........... Sometimes it's good to look at things from the other angle, along with the train of thought which has led there.
  6. Crosser

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Good point.... Afterall it's not so long ago that Belfast was the Beirut of the British Isles...
  7. "Individuals in History: Who is the most misunderstood human in history?" I'd say Professor Stanley Unwin is a strong contender. Goodely bylode.
  8. Crosser

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    This seems like a mega whammy for my age group. First they raise the school leaving age (yeah I was in that year group) and they were totally unprepared for it, hence we spent a year going to school and learning/doing nothing. Then later they raised the retiring age (yeah I'm in that year group too!) Now they are trying (and probably going to succeed) in removing any other small benefits of working for a living. Little wonder people try to "work the system", afterall the "system's" goalpoasts seem to change every time it may be of benefit to it's users.
  9. More likely they are laughing at the electorate IE Us! for thinking that we are a power to be reckoned with... We simply are not! What do we have to offer the world? Steel? Oil? Manufacturing? Know how? No, All we have to offer is a bunch of service industries which any way you cut it, cannot compete. The UK is nothing in the scheme of things now.
  10. Dunno about Sheffield, but I hear there are a couple of good places down London for doing so 😉
  11. Crosser

    Lack of justice again!!

    oh another 3.3 years of taxpayers money..... cool (NOT!) It should be like Thailand Your family feed you or it's fish heads for every meal.
  12. Crosser

    Best Pork pies - Where from?

    Hot or even warm pork pies taste gross. Room temp for me every time 😜
  13. If it's only the door boot (and it's not damaged) you can piggyback several large cable ties to replace the "spring" assembly
  14. Next you lot will be saying that Channel 5 are not biased against anyone trying to survive on benefits! LOL

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