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Dear Forum.. Assaulted by a doorman

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for some advice on what my options are regarding prosecution/compensation following an assault I incurred over the last weekend.


I was at the club in question with 3 close friends of mine. We'd all had a few drinks and were in a very good party mood. But the night was at an end for me and left to find a taxi. Leaving my friends to carry on partying.


As I reached my taxi I heard a voice calling my name followed by shouting and swearing. I'd had, let's say, 'A history' with this person. This made me quite angry and I proceeded to walk in the direction of said person to 'have it out'. Probably not my wisest move ever. I seem to remember shouting back something along the lines of, 'Come on, let's sort this out'


At a point which was approximately 6 metres from the entrance to the club, I was confronted by an associate of the club. This chap thrust his hands into my chest and launched me a good distance. I landed heavily on my side, banging my head on the pavement.


I knew immediately that something wasn't right as I had massive pain in my shoulder.


To bring this to an abrupt ending, I was taken to hospital where it was confirmed I had broken my collarbone in 2 places and had some ligament damage. I've just returned home after a lengthy operation, still in a lot of pain.


So there it is dear forum.


Any feedback/advice is greatly welcomed. Thank you for reading.

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This much seems clear from what you've said - you were assaulted and you've suffered injuries as a consequence. I'm not sure how you'd be able to persue it without a fair deal of legal clout on your side though. I would think it quite likely that the club in question would have their immediate environs covered by cctv; quite how you go about persuading them to let you see it is a different matter.

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Dont think you will have much of a claim.

The doorman (and witnesses) will say that the doorman did it as you were offering violence to someone else.

Doesn't matter, it's assault and the police should be called asap.


He didn;t say he was attacking this other person, but confronting an aggressive name caller?

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The police will be able to request the cctv. This might show that the doorman was the aggressor in which case, I would suspect you have a good case in civil court and possibly criminal court. You really need to establish what was caught on camera.

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what did the OP think the outcome of confronting the name caller was going to be?? the OP stated they had had a few drinks and was in a party mood ( possibly another description for inebriated) and decided against getting in the taxi but to confront someone else instead, if the OP got the first dig in would they be on here asking what can they do about it , the situation is unfortunate and i wish the OP better as soon as possible but really, they were acting like the aggressor in the first instance

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