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  1. I remember them, Brenda and Lill. Had me in stitches.
  2. Should someone driving illegally who causes no damage or loss of life get the same sentence as someone who causes damage to property, or harming or killing someone?
  3. Adrian Chiles. Even more annoying now I know he is a practicing catholic.
  4. The tram is running to Rotherham now? So it is! How did I not know this?
  5. I heard one of the scientists talking about it today on Radio 4, how they had to miniaturise everything and then put it in Space and it worked.
  6. I am doing but would like to know if it is supposed to stop/start and if it can be overridden. They don't seem to know.
  7. It didn't cut out in the test drive and not restart. It was allegedly serviced after the test drive. I suggested waiting and trying some others for comparison. I even suggested trying the 1.2 in red at the same dealership but she had made-up her mind. Now I have to sort it out.
  8. My wife has just bought a Fiat 500, purely on how it looked and after a ten-minute test drive. It is really lumpy on idle and cuts out when it comes to a stop (but not if the handbrake is on - sometimes). It restarts when the clutch is depressed, but not every time. Is it supposed to do this and can it be turned off, if so? I have also read here that they are useless at going up hills.
  9. Check the 'Which' website. They did a mattress test recently.
  10. I like it but it does seem a bit 'temporary'. I don't know if it has made that much difference to the traffic coming out of Birley Spa turning right. I always turn left.
  11. Who is 'p geoffrey hayes?' What does R I stand for?
  12. The last episode was a big let-down. Who put the vest on him? The woman confessing at the end was like something from Scooby Doo.
  13. I wouldn't go to Dubai or anywhere close; ever.
  14. Get yourself to a jam night or two. I can recommend the White Lion in Heeley, Every other Tuesday for Blues or every Thursday for everything.
  15. The wife got caught cos she put in the reg number of her old car. They didn't pursue it after I sent a copy of the V5, but she was taken to court by a private parking company and ended up paying £300 to settle two tickets because she didn't change her address on the V5 when she moved. They were ruthless in pursuing it but I did manage to deflect a third ticket that seems to have gone away.
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