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  1. I’m in a relationship with a person who is an alcoholic but when I met this person they had stopped drinking but have now resumed drinking again. They have been disowned by their family and as a result of this they have tried taking their own life recently . My dilemma is should I stick with this person or should I move on as they won’t get the help they need to stop?
  2. I went to the doctors for some viagra, due to erectile disfunction. The doctor sent me for blood tests, I have given a blood sample today.She mentioned that viagra could be bought from the chemists, so I did that. It had little effect. I bought 4 tablets from the chemist, it cost me £20 - apparently it is half the price via a doctors prescription.If you Google testosterone, it tells you that exercise, eating more protein and vitamin D and others can increase your testosterone levels.I am not excessively over-weight, I have good blood pressure, cholesterol level and I do get a moderate ammount of exercise. I am in a new relationship after being single for quite a few years, I am 55 yrs old.Anyone experience of this issue?
  3. My partner of over 20 years has recently been diagnosed with a vaginal prolapse, this has had a devastating effect on her, my issue is this. She is a bit of a "comfort eater" but has been told to lose weight for the operation, a full hysterectomy, but she is finding it so hard to diet since, she used to love the gym etc .I am doing everything I can to support her but she is in such a dark place our relationship is even in jeopardy, She has been advised not to exercise hard etc. She feels very "un woman like" if that makes sense, our love life has taken a massive dip, which is/was a massive part of our relationship, (I'm not pressuring her at all in this respect) I try to cook for her, offered to get her a personal trainer etc but she is so low I'm now at a loss as to what to do and may end up losing the woman I love through no fault of my own, are there any support groups or anyone I can put her in touch with to try and lift her from the place she is in? Any help would be massively appreciated.
  4. Last week quite by chance I found my cousin after 35 years . We met up at the weekend both of us lost a parent in our younger years , We had another cousin too who was a step cousin , we all three of us really liked each other and shared some lovely childhood memories. However I was told when I left home these cousins didn't want me as I was adopted . Our childhoods where robbed from us and our relationships broken , all three of us had various forms or mental and physical abuse . Now we have one older auntie still alive. Would you confront her and ask why she didnt protect us , she must have seen what was going on , she knew what her brother and sister was like ?
  5. A girl has a social worker. She is 13 but a very young, rather immature 13. Recently the social worker asked to have a private word with the girl. Whilst having this private word she asked her "What is your sexuality? Are you gay, straight or Bisexual? This freaked the girl out who confided in her grandmother. To me this is a very odd thing to ask an immature under age girl. Why would a question like this even be relevant? Is this a normal question? I am not sure if this is relevant but the Social worker has on multiple occasions told this girl that she (the social worker) is gay herself. The girl never asked the social workers sexuality, she just seemed to freely give out this information, for what reason I do not know. Can anyone shed any light as to weather this is a typical question? Thank you.
  6. I'm convinced this isn't right. I know of a one man band type company (consultant) who charges VAT on invoices to their sole customer. He has legit registered for VAT and has a VAT number. But there is no way in this world he is going to hit the VAT threshold (83k) in terms of earnings. Therefore the VAT he's collected presumably won't be paid to the VAT-man, and they won't chase him for it because it's not due. Does he just pocket the money?...What happens to it? Or rather what should happen to it? Is it just a crafty way to give himself a substantial pay rise?
  7. The child was definitely 9!! They attended the known theme park with the club adults.. it was then decided the "older ones 9 years old could go off alone without an adult as long as they stayed in a group of 2 or more. The children were told to meet back up at end of day. If in trouble to find an information point. The adults was aware of the trip BUT was not told the children would go around alone. The first the parents knew was when child returned after day.
  8. Dear forum I can not identify myself which is why I have used dear forum this question may seem little for dear forum but there is reasons for this. Do you think 9 is an acceptable age for child or children all of same age to walk around a theme park they have never been to before without an adult or adults consent? The children went with a club they are members at The adults was not told until children returned. A parent I know is not happy about this situation but want other people's advice on the matter. Thank you
  9. Several years ago I designed work for Company A, who have stated in writing the work I did was carried out on a freelance basis. I have showed this work on my own website, with full knowledge and written consent of Company A, for a number of years. Company A now demand I remove the work, alleging the terms of my contract mean they can pursue legal action if I refuse. But I have no copy of a contract, or a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and don't recall ever seeing or signing either. I have spoken to Company A's solicitor, who claims not to have seen the contract. I have no idea what the terms of this contract are – or if it even exists, but it is being used to pressure me into action. I'm aware that a former employee can request a copy of a contract from an employer, and that they have to respond within 40 days for a nominal fee. Can a freelancer do the same? Thanks in advance.
  10. I was accused of a crime involving a minor and was voluntarily interviewed by the police before being exonerated. Will this show up on an enhanced disclosure and if so how do you get this removed?
  11. I've been seeing a guy on and off for the last year, nothing serious at first, We stopped seeing eachother but kept in contact and then we'd meet up again and it would all start over again. After xmas we decided to give it a go properly but since then ive found out he's slept with other people between our on-off on-off relationship. i'm now struggleing to trust him as i dont know if he's telling the truth or not. Would you let go Would you see how things went Would you put it in the past and move forward any advice please
  12. Dear forum... I found out today that a family member of mine has passed away. I stopped calling them family a while ago now... Anyway...this family member hurt me and a lot of people around me when I was a child...I have 100 different emotions I am currently feeling but most of it is things like.. relief...about time...but in a way I feel I'm grieving..I feel like this is closure finally.. But some of my family feel I'm being heartless because I am not as upset as they are, and I'm getting judged by them and feeling very stressed about it. What do I do now? How do you react to this sort of thing?
  13. I don't know what to do any more, please help. I've been with my partner a while and we've had lots of normal experiences, good and bad including arguments, but now I don't know what to do. We've been through a lot together, custody battles, deaths, family births etc, even accusations of infidelity through messaging other people. I just don't know if there is anything there any more. My partner doesn't appear to understand my feelings on things at all and doesn't discuss things with me, doesn't try to help me with my feelings about this or anything and is very stubborn about this. My partner's family don't like me and make this plain. Now I'm not sure if we should stay together because I don't know whether I love my partner how I used to. My partner doesn't takes my feelings into consideration with anything and I'm really fed up about it. The big problem is that there are children involved. The children are not ours together, but both of us have children who we need to consider with all of the upheaval and upset if we do split. Because of everything we've been through I feel like I should try and make things work, but I'm tired and getting nothing back from the relationship and that makes me not feel like I want to try. I've tried to get my partner to listen and to talk but it's just not happening so please don't suggest that, but what should I do?
  14. The company I work for has just disposed of my services with no notice because, they say, they cannot afford to pay me. I have already worked several months with reduced pay. I should point out that at no time have I received any warnings for my conduct and the sole reason given for ending my time at the company is because they can't afford to keep me. Although initially taken as a freelancer, to all intents and purposes I am an employee: I work regular days part-time, with regular hours, with regular responsibilities for several different clients – and have done for over a year (often working extra days without pay). I certainly treat this, and depend on the income, as if it is my 'proper' job. I have no written contract but I do have emails and texts that demonstrate an agreement to pay me a specific amount, and bank records showing I've been paid less. Should ACAS be my first port of call? What else should I do?
  15. I have worked for a company for 2 years. Initially a part-time graduate intern I often worked full weeks during busy periods, but the prospect of permanent full-time employment made unpaid work seem worthwhile. After a year I was awarded a pay increase, on condition I work extra days. Soon after my employer told me they couldn't afford to pay, and that I would have to accept a lower amount. They offered bonuses on completed projects – but these bonuses never materialised. I never signed a contract and at times I have worked for less than the minimum wage. My skills are relied upon to the extent that several projects cannot be completed without me – unless someone else is hired or the work is outsourced. The office equipment I use is my own, purchased by me, brought from home. Since requesting fair pay two managers are increasingly aggressive: they criticise my performance on completed projects, which they previously commended me for; they deny offering bonuses and dispute the amount of the pay increase; shouting and verbal abuse is common and at times I feel physically threatened. There's no question of remaining in post: I want to leave. But since I don't have a contract, and payments were agreed verbally, I don't know what can be done to reclaim unpaid wages. Thank you for reading. I cannot publicly respond but I appreciate any advice you can offer.
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