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  1. I used to live next door to our vicar, his name was Vic and he also delivered the milk...true story
  2. Very proud of my daughter (27) and son (23), they are decent hardworking and polite, we are very close, daughter joined a temp agency straight from school, and is still in the first job she ever took, they made her permanent quickly and she has worked her way up and now holds one of the senior posts there, son wanted to be a pilot in the Navy but due to colourblindness it wasn't possible so he enlisted anyway and is now a submariner, working his way up to a petty officer at present..... They have never been in any type of trouble, no young pregnancies, drugs and anything else you hope won't happen, never had police at my door I would be just as proud if they both worked at McDonald's because they have shown, regardless of the jobs they do, dilligance, honesty and hard work to achieve a goal Never been a single day out of work As I mainly brought them up alone I'm immensely proud of the people they have become, I feel I did my job right
  3. Thank you, a very helpful reply, and a little food for thought
  4. Yes I'm fully aware it's Derbyshire that's why I said currently, I have lived in sheffield for 5 years as mentioned in my op
  5. Ty Mister M, that's very helpful, beighton isn't that far from me but have only driven through a few times, I appreciate your opinion ty ---------- Post added 10-06-2016 at 00:16 ---------- I appreciate your reply but it reads as if you think I'm asking opinions on where I should live, I'm not, I'm asking what areas people like or not and why,if I was asked the same question in regard to London I could give my opinion on certain areas and why I think they are nice or not, it wouldn't matter what the budget was, you can buy some expensive beautiful houses in quite rough areas and buy a dump in a so called nice area, its just opinions id like to hear, I understand where you're coming from though so ty
  6. Yes of course I will weigh up any pros and cons if I found a house I particularly liked, I'm just interested in others opinions on local areas, if or why they consider them reasonably nice areas or particularly bad areas
  7. Hi, I'm a Londoner, lived in Sheffield for 5 years, currently live in eckington at the moment and quite like it here.......although I know my way around reasonably well I dont really know which areas are considered quite rough or run down or nicer areas I know there are good and bad in all areas as is the case in all cities Iv been looking at house prices recently as iv recently been left in the position of possibly buying a property outright and have noticed quite a big difference in prices between where I currently am and around a 5-10 mile radius compared to Rotherham for instance where the same or similar type of house can be as much as 20-30 grand cheaper! So id like peoples opinion on areas considered a little nicer including Rotherham and surrounding areas Look forward to reading any replies Thank you ?
  8. Just watching it now, reports of a third explosion too, heartbreaking that it's still going on somewhere
  9. What sort of reggae do you play if asked? ---------- Post added 07-01-2016 at 01:33 ---------- Ty I will have a look ---------- Post added 07-01-2016 at 01:34 ---------- Ty not quite my thing but a good sound
  10. Been looking at this tonight myself, Sheffield uni has a lot of free courses on offer, a few starting in next few weeks, very diverse list of courses so I'm sure you would find something, and most can be done as distance learning/ e-learning too, also coursea do a range of courses online, free to learn you only pay for the certificates if you require them, good luck, never too late to learn
  11. Thank you, I don't come on very often and didn't fancy reading back through the whole thread, thank you for replying
  12. Without reading back over 144 pages can I ask if ikea has the go ahead or has it been blocked? If it has been given the go ahead when do they think it will be opening, and where exactly is it going to be situated?
  13. Lol I knew I'd get bashed, yes I feel sorry the business was targeted, any crime is devastating to someone, and yes I'm a very capable driver therefore I got through the gap with no problems other than being held up, my point was why would they deem it acceptable to practically block a road and cause congestion because of the way they chose to park, I don't think they should have done that ans it was their parking that directly caused the congestion, I understand they have a serious job to do and they should be doing it , but surely if they took a little more care how they parked they wouldn't have caused the additional problems along the rd, and if you can't read and understand what I wrote why comment on it ---------- Post added 06-01-2016 at 11:34 ---------- Yes that's the one, I know the police have to deal with it, completely understand that of course, the raid had happened 5 - 6 hours before I passed by, I just found it unacceptable they needlessly blocked the rd simply by parking badly, they didn't need to do that to carry out their duties when parking a few metres along wouldn't have caused any congestion, and yes I agree about the HGV' s
  14. Early hours of this morning ...5.1.16, a bike/motorcycle accessories shop in eckington was ram raided and robbed, the rd it is on is small and narrow with a bend at either end and also double yellow lines either side of rd, I understand the first responders would have pulled up outside to sort it out etc but when I passed by just after 11am (would have taken a different route if I'd been aware of it at the time) 2 police cars....4x4' s were parked one right outside shop and second directly opposite, they hampered traffic travelling in both directions who had to navigate between them crossing into other lane so only one car at a time could pass, cars starting to build up in both directions! They could have parked a few metres further up and it wouldn't have caused any congestion at all....one policeman was just getting a camera out of his car so why did they need to park right outside to do that , so not only parked inappropriately but also illegally.....as one man shouted out his window at them! One rule for us.......
  15. Anything reggae on in Sheffield?
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