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Dial house working men's club

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I was a life member of the Dial.

When they extended the stage area in the mid 1960s they let me take the old bricks to make a garden path in our back garden. It took a lot of hod fulls !!!

When I was in the army I did not have to pay subs. They stamped your book OHMS.

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Thanks for the you tube videos, I used to live very near to the dial in the early sixties, I was 13/14 , and obviously into the Beatles etc, so I was very excited to hear the fortunes rehearsing before they went on stage! I had to listen from my garden, a free concert not bad eh? In those days the car park was rammed with coaches. In the nineties my husband was doorman there, he used to say how full the club got especially on a Friday. Then there was the annual day trip to the seaside, plus the xmas kids panto and party. It's hard to believe its no longer there.

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Me and my girlfriend now wife used to queue outside on Sundays at 6.00pm to wait until the doors opened at 7pm to see the Fortunes and/or Freddie and the dreamers.This would be around 1963 ish.


I remember talking to a committee man who said because the Fortunes were such a good band the club re booked them for about 9 months later for their usual modest fee then, they had their big hit "you've got your troubles" The band still returned for the same fee as they had signed a contract.

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