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  1. Thanks for all your ideas! I think I would choose Wallace and gromit
  2. It would be interesting to see, what famous people, we would pick to be on our banknotes.
  3. Hi my mother and father were friends with wilf and Marie palfreyman, they had three children. Janet Howard and gerald. I know that Janet lives in edwinstowe. Gerald I believe owned a pub called the bay horse on the a1. Last I heard he was a very wealthy man! Hope this helps
  4. Thanks Hillsbro for the info, I wondered what happened to mr bolsover. He always was very obliging and a very cheerful soul. Pity we can't shop like that anymore!!!
  5. Best to get one sited really, however I don't know if there's a cheap way!! When I owned a caravan and wanted to sell it the site owner wanted to charge me 500 just to tow it 100 yards off his land because the buyer wanted to move it to a different site. Plus be careful re site fees, my friends been paying upwards of 6,000 pound per year. sorry I sound pessimistic, I loved my caravan but it became expensive. Good luck
  6. Any memories of shopping at bowaters, I think it was owned by a mr bolsover and a mr waters hence the name
  7. Mr beckwiths shop was a very old place but fascinated me with all the things he sold in the shop. I recall him wearing a brown overall. His wife Doris had the wool shop but sold clothes to. My mother had a account there she would pay weekly, we could bring the goods home which was very trusting of mrs beckwith. The family lived in the corner house on Ben lane/ dykes lane.
  8. I had a letter about road works and new street lighting just before Christmas . Telling us residents that there would be disruptions in the new year
  9. Am I being to judgemental? But I've seen people at the pdsa with brand new cars, and people talking about going on holiday to Florida , cruises, and the like!! What's all that about
  10. Thanks for the you tube videos, I used to live very near to the dial in the early sixties, I was 13/14 , and obviously into the Beatles etc, so I was very excited to hear the fortunes rehearsing before they went on stage! I had to listen from my garden, a free concert not bad eh? In those days the car park was rammed with coaches. In the nineties my husband was doorman there, he used to say how full the club got especially on a Friday. Then there was the annual day trip to the seaside, plus the xmas kids panto and party. It's hard to believe its no longer there.
  11. Does anyone have any memories of the dial house.
  12. Someone mentioned it to my sister when she was travelling home from work plus there was loads of police cars heading towards malin bridge
  13. Is it a rumour, that a body was found at malin bridge today? When I was driving past Holme lane there was a build up of traffic going towards malin bridge.
  14. My husband worked there in the 80s wonder if knighty worked with him? My husband was on the doors, and when linda lusadi came he looked after her. He also swore that cairos was haunted
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