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  1. Have just come out of hospital and require a temporary cleaner for ground floor one bedroom flat one hour twice a week. Must be alright with cats. Must be experienced.
  2. Have read on FB its an old cargo plane taken off from Doncaster flying to indoneisia with supplies.
  3. Hi. Posting this on behalf of my daughter. Does anyone know what happened to the wood from the trees that were felled in Sheffield recently by the council, My daughter is looking to acquire some slices from the trees. Thankyou
  4. HI marx. Ive got one booked and did a car boot recently with a friend but I don't drive which is an issue. Looking for local ones tho
  5. I have started making jewellery and gifts at home. This is just a hobby, something to pass the time. It can work out very expensive and I am looking into ways I can sell the home made jewellery gifts to cover the costs. I dont want to have to take it as far as being a business but does anyone have any ideas of how I can sell the jewellery. I looked into things like a facebook page but would that mean I am a business and would have to register as such. Thanks for any advice anyone can give.
  6. I was brought up on Hillsborough in roughly the same era. Looking forward to reading the book. Good luck with it.
  7. Just to let everyone know my daughter looked after the magpie for around 48 hours then relased it and it flew off happily. Thankyou everyone for their advice
  8. My daughter has just rescued a magpie that she found injured in her back garden. It was being hounded by several neighbourhood cats and was not able to fly away because of its injuries. It doesn't seem as though it has serious injuries or broken wings but has lost a lot of its wing feathers and is not attempting to fly. She has rung several animal organizations for advice and help but is getting no information at all. Could someone in the know give us some advice please.
  9. I was turned away in the summer. My dog is only a medium size yorkie but because there was another dog on the bus they refused to let me on. The bus wasnt that full either. I looked into it and it is at the drivers discretion.
  10. I live on my own and do not work now. I find volunteering for a charity which interests you is a excellent way of "filling the gap". You are mixing with people who have the same interests as you but also you feel involved and useful.
  11. Does anyone know of a mobile hairdresser who has a lot a patience with children for a 4 year old who is terrified of going into a hairdressers/barbers. thanks.
  12. I noticed a couple of the tennis courts at Millhouses park were being used as dog runs last weekend. Whether they was using them officially or not I dont know. But as long as you clean up after your dog and they are not been used for anything else at the time I dont suppose it matters.
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