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  1. Is masonry paint the "SANDTEX" used for painting rendering? Thanks for your help
  2. I want to paint several flagstone edges in white so that people won,t trip. I am thinking about 1 inch will do it but i am unsure what to use, Help please.
  3. Jose juste nodded and said she knew Jaqueline.
  4. And Michael and Tony Hi Hillsbro, I was born in 1945 and lived at 34 Winster rd from 1949 to 1966 when I was married, my parents Lily and Stanley continued to live there until 1978/80
  5. hillsbro, do you have anything on Turtons of 34 Winster rd? I believe we moved there around 1950 ish, Thankyou
  6. Frank Ellis married Lilian Dunkerley in 1946, my friend Phil Dunkerley Australia) is trying to see wher he may have been buried plus any other stuff on Frank Regards, Roy
  7. How long can a big issue seller operate for? I always thought the idea was to sell it to give them a start in life. I know of one who has operated on the same pitch for at least 8 years and now he advertises at his pitch that you can pay by debit or credit card (he has a card machine). His profit is £1.25 per copy so he makes a good few quid plu benefits no doubt.
  8. What % do estate agents charge for selling house
  9. I remember him with the Fortunes,the last time I saw him on stage he was solo and a very good Artiste too
  10. Thankd for the reply,you are correct in what you say, I used to visit Aunt Violet on Sundays,I was about 8 or 9 years old and she had an aunt Mary Ann who lived there.Mick and Stan were in the Army on conscription. Aunt Mary Ann was my Grandma,s sister. ---------- Post added 03-09-2018 at 22:26 ---------- ps I was born in 1945 and lived in Hillsborough
  11. Thankyou, I will go for this one after I research where to get one from
  12. Thanks for that info,very much appreciated
  13. Thankyou for all the advice,very much appreciated and extremely useful. ta
  14. Could someone please recommend a wireless value printer for infrequent use, i know its a basic question to most of you but i am a very basic user needing a pointer please. I am not bothered about photos etc just basic for A4 paper....Thanks
  15. I went to hillsborough school and then chaucer and I knew a PETER TIMMINS, he would have been born 1945/6 and I do believe he sadly died as a young man. He also lived around broughton rd.area
  16. Where was Talbot House please,perhaps Hillsbro may know,was it Wisewood?
  17. I have been left Sheffield 50 years and i see references to the Leadmill music venue,i remember Leadmill Rd and a pub down a lane close to a "rec" with steel bollards round it. What was the LEADMILL years ago and what was the name of the pub please. Was there a tramshed close by?
  18. Oates electrical shop top of Parkside Rd. Also a cycle shop on Leppings Lane/ Catchbar lane.
  19. At a Chinese restaurant in Manchester with a group and one bloke had never been to one before. When the waiter brought the hot towels to use after the starters one chap said what are these for so i told him they were spring rolls.........so he bit into one !!!!
  20. Best decade ever, Walk into a new job easily...buy house at good price....best music ever and still is......almost no crime....no drugs......great immigrants from West Indies.... no mobile phones.......Went to Majorca for 2 weeks at a cost of £16 for Hotel and £35 for the flight. The list is endless......................Great Times
  21. In the 1950s I used to travel by tram from Penistone rd to town and then catch a Weedon St tram to Attercliffe to visit my Aunt Violet and uncle Albert, Aunt Mary Ann also lived there. I was 10 years old and made this journey often. Imagine nowadays trying that. My purpose in writing this is that our family lost touch when this generation died. They had 2 sons Michael plus Stan. I know the 2 lads did National sevice in the Suez crisis or the Korean war.STAN worked in the Steel industry and the MICK was a stone mason. Its funny how as you get older thing spring from your memory bank. I am curious to know if anyone knew of them. There surname was BERRY and I remember them livin on or near Zion lane.
  22. Tha can Allus tell a Yorkshireman but tha cant tell im much
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