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Make a difference to somebody's life

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There are so many places I could post this, but here seemed most appropriate...


If you could make a difference to a person with a disability, by giving your evenings and weekends to their dog, FOR JUST 4 WEEKS, would you?


I've looked into fostering for Support Dogs, who are based right here in Sheffield, and got a phone all this week asking if I'd be interested in short term fostering


For some conditions, Support Dogs take the person's pet dog for just 4 weeks, and train it to be a support dog. Whilst in Sheffield, these dogs need a home for the evenings and weekends as Support Dogs do not kennel dogs


If I had known this, I'd have volunteered sooner!


Is this something you could consider doing? Just think of the life you could change!

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Yes, that thread prompted me to apply as a fosterer, but if you read it, they are asking for either holiday cover fosterers or a 12 month commitment - I have never come across the 4 week option either online or in the literature they sent out


4 weeks is probably a much more viable option for far more people, so I thought it warranted a thread in a more 'public' space :thumbsup:

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