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  1. The machine looks open from the pic on Sheff online. It takes a real pudding to explode thing in a petrol station.
  2. I was replying to that specific post (admittedly facetiously) I don't think we should ban all men, I even like one of two myself.
  3. I know, add in Catholic church, sports coaches, children's group organisers..... shame we can't just ban men but apparently not.
  4. Just imagine how many victims would have been saved if only people had done their job when this was first flagged up. That's a lot of unnecessary victims.
  5. Shabir Ahmed 'Daddy' in the Rochdale scandal told everyone in court. It was widely reported and available online what he thought about the victims. And I didn't say anything about guilt I clearly said Considered troubled, fair game, asking for it and worthless. If Trevor Phillips can't say it then what hope is there? It won't happen.
  6. None of the periphery have admitted they had (have) a culture of considering troubled girls as fair game. No agency has admitted their lack of action stemmed from believing the girls were asking for it. No agency will ever admit that they actually agreed with the abusive rapers and these victims were indeed worthless. Perversely only the abusers have been honest about it.
  7. Lidl bog standard coffee is popular here. Only a declared tea drinker doesn't like it.
  8. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/berlin-to-compensate-victims-of-paedophile-foster-scheme-mnw5bsx35?wgu=270525_54264_1583327787377_c19297df01&wgexpiry=1591103787&utm_source=planit&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=22278 I don't think this is so far away from our grooming scandal. Ok so it wasn't explicitly said but in effect it's what happened. POCA or criminal injuries compensation, something to help resettlement.
  9. Maggie Oliver ex GMP has started a foundation https://www.themaggieoliverfoundation.com Helping victims of CSE if anyone has a spare fiver. You can do the smile@Amazon if you shop there regularly. We have a couple of generations of bloody victims here so it'll be a long road.
  10. Absolutely. Especially with such brand new treatments. Anorexia is body dysmorphia but we don't just agree with the patient and offer weight loss surgery! It's bordering on abuse, so enthusiastic to be on the right side of woke children are being allowed to wilfully delay puberty or even more extreme surgery. Just because it's possible shouldn't mean it's advisable. I wonder if we will have a group of NHS eunuchs left behind this child experiment?
  11. And while that debate bubbles on the victims have to live amongst their rapers often seeing them every day, school, shops, town centre. We should be doing more for the casualties this debacle has created.
  12. Costco do nice platters. Never tried supermarket.
  13. I'd like to hear more from Maggie Oliver about the cover up. Here's what the beeb say https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-51093159
  14. There was a video uploaded to a porn site by one of the men/boys. Here's a source for a timeline and the Guardian has a bit. https://www.justiceabroad.co.uk/news/evidence-of-forensic-pathologist-marios-matsakis-in-teenagers-cyprus-trial-after-reporting-group-rape
  15. How should a rape victim respond? Is there a correct way? The report I read about the selfie was it was taken of her and the man she was dating before the disputed sex where 11 of his pals joined in, do you have a link or source please?
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