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  1. Stranza

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

    Anyone caught episode 3 yet? Very different approach in Glasgow I know where I would head should I end up homeless.
  2. Anyone else rewatching series 1 - 7? I'm doing a final watch with subtitles 😁 One of the best adaptations I've ever watched. I've enjoyed every series but I think series 3 was the best so far.
  3. Stranza

    24 hours in police custody.

    Epi 3. The footage of the mall stabbing was brutal, gave me chills.
  4. Stranza

    What the actual ..... (Breast ironing)

    It's becoming more mainstream here. F-M trans people often breast bind, including developing children.
  5. Stranza

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

    The first episode, the lad with the duff leg. I absolutely believed his story I would have given money. I was shocked at the end with him and his crack pipe!
  6. Stranza

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/22/labour-allows-male-activist-stand-womens-officer-identifies/ It does happen. Xpost
  7. Stranza

    The IKEA in Sheffield thread

    The sandwich bags are pretty indestructible. Can't day I have actually enjoyed the colours but they come in a useful range of sizes, colour coded so it is handy.
  8. Stranza

    24 hours in police custody.

    Escalation from pulling up skirts at 13 to abduction and rape by 15. This lad is dangerous.
  9. Stranza

    The IKEA in Sheffield thread

    If you cba join Ikea family (it's free) before hand and print out a ticket (in-store) to get the family cheap food and free coffee. I'm a fan of the Apple cake! The breakfasts come recommended for £2 Don't forget to buy sandwich bags, tea lights and tea spoons
  10. Stranza

    24 hours in police custody.

    I was shocked the young offender wasn't remanded in custody. He was a real loose cannon.
  11. Stranza

    The IKEA in Sheffield thread

    The cafe is at the start so as soon as you go up the escalator it's left. The only walk would be from car to entrance.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47532719 should have linked, sorry.
  13. I wonder if anyone will start a fund for this lass, raped by ten men, like the fund announced for football victims.
  14. Oops you are right it was four speeding offences not drunk driving. I only skim read the article and conflated his alcoholism with bad driving
  15. People just love KP failing. What about the celeb chef Tom Kerridge, hasn't been caught four times driving drunk? Still driving because he needs his licence for his telly appearances.

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