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  1. The animal has already died the OP isn't generating demand just getting rid of a useful still item.
  2. There is a flock with pink feet (I know it's a gaggle but that's where my geese info ends) that go to the field beside Drakehouse daily. They honk like mad at any people or dog walkers. Nice big birds too.
  3. From what the BBC say it sounds like he was waiting for his shift bus. Poor bugger only had his float.
  4. The dates get me MrsM. If it's true the children (at least the school age ones) knew their mother was trying to kill them for a whole week? There's no counselling in this world that fixes that.
  5. Ah I see. Doesn't sound as exciting now but at least it got a bump!
  6. Isn't that the new KGB😁😁? They've gone a bit corporate these days eh?
  7. Poor little bleeders. I can't even guess what went through their minds. Interesting to see she cried through court. R.i.p. Lads.
  8. One reason for me is if I'm to leave myself prone (you know undressed) I do it in a managed area where I know roughly what to expect. Another reason for toilets to be gendered is that Women use them for other things i.e. menstruation, pregnancy related issues and sadly miscarriages. It isn't women being violent and committing sex crimes. In many cases (myself included) the toilet is a safe haven especially if you've experienced sexual violence. If transgender people are suffering similar things then surely they too want a safe space, why expose women to the risk? It goes without saying that abusive men could just stop abusing of course, that'd be easier.
  9. I've bought some too and the mad flavour of Ben and jerrys. Even on the best offer no one sells two cod fillets for £1. Has anyone been inside approved foods? Can the public wander in?
  10. People with functional penis have no reason to be in a women only area. Speaking for myself I have no wish to be amongst penis in a women only space. Regardless of how they identify and present. If someone campaigned for trans only areas I'd support that wholeheartedly as it seems both women and trans people are at risk almost exclusively from men.
  11. Isn't the point of Jack's that it's expired/close to date?
  12. My own (bought in 93) bin has expansion splits at the bottom 😁 I'm dreading it finally dying. Mine has a wrong door number (it's come to three different houses) but it never goes missing, it looks too bashed up to nick.
  13. It's permitted for religion, I wonder if there are any other things you opt out of for religion? My example is a few years old now but I too was shocked and surprised that a big chain pharmacy would Rota a fundamental xtian to work on the emergency pharmacy counter. Surely they expect patients to want and need emergency contraception?
  14. A lot of victims cheated and a fair few sighs of relief I bet. It's ok it's only rich folk.
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