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  1. I am a huge animal lover but holding a vigil for the poor dog is taking it too far! Its probably something she is doing to help with the guilt.
  2. Are we sure the dog was stolen or did it run off when the woman was attacked? Please clarify. Thanks ---------- Post added 08-03-2013 at 09:56 ---------- :hihi:
  3. Please keep going don't let them who think this Forum is for serious matters grind you down mate Most things on here are just for laughs or they are to me
  4. Your covering letter should be brief and to the point, if you are sending a cv then all your skills should be in that.
  5. Good to see its already been discussed recently! Hope they have had some interested people
  6. I'm pleased they have arrested someone hopefully he will get what he deserves. Wish I'd never read about it though its so awful to think about.
  7. Its already happened though hasn't it? Why is anyone giving names when they obviously don't know who did it!
  8. I wonder if it will change if/when they find investors to do the refurb?
  9. Yes and some of us were advising you of the best way to help you get a job, always a good idea to take on board constructive criticism
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