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What games have you been playing lately


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I go months and months without playing anything at all before picking a game up again, which is why I'm still trundling my way through Alice: Madness Returns. It's beautiful, but a tad frustrating for someone with two left thumbs.


The original version of Alice, bundled with the new one as a download code, is a brilliant blast from the past.

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Recently finished darksiders, got darksiders 2 coming tomorrow. Finished dantes inferno yesterday, now going through it again to find stuff I missed first time. Finished borderlands 2 recently, waiting to start that again on vault hunter. And had the FIM motocross game from love film, but sent it back the day after as it was cack.

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Bit of Halo 4 MP after finishing the campaign, but the lobby/maps etc. take sooooo looooong to get a game going...which then hooked me back onto the more immediate, and still immensely satisfying, BF1943 (just loaded BF2 on PC again for old times' sake, as well).


I'm a bit off driving & flying games-sims (my usual staple) atm, don't seem to get as much enjoyment from them. Nothing on the "new releases" horizon that takes my fancy, I seem to be slowly but surely falling into another regress....sorry, retro gaming phase :D


On that point, selling one my arcade cabs at the weekend, and will be looking for 'new' old hardware/games that-a-way. Some Sega hardware would sit very nicely indeed next to my NeoGeo hardware, either a dedicated driver or a more modern Naomi (basically, 'arcade dreamcast') unit ;)

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Working my way through my ps+ games backlog and just finished quantum conundrum, it's a fantastic game in a portal kinda way (shes the same lead dev I think) and its voiced by Q from Star Trek TNG.

On to outlander now by ubisoft, not bad a bit metroidy.

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