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  1. Me neither, and I met the one before him on 2 occasions. Still no idea what her name is
  2. They won't have sent it by email, it's far too big for an attachment. There's either a download link in the email with the key in, or they're expecting the op to download it direct from Microsoft and use the key to activate it
  3. As a sparky, and looking at the state of the job in that photo, I wouldn't take that on for 250 quid. Nothing worse than sorting something where someone's mate 'had a go at it' and ballsed it up
  4. Nice bit of copy and paste journalism from the star The Star: Fury over ‘drunk Barnsley fans who abused passengers and threatening to take over train’. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/latest/fury-over-drunk-barnsley-fans-who-abused-passengers-and-threatening-to-take-over-train-1-9670703
  5. Not yet, but got my hop hideout voucher from their crowd funder last week
  6. Sign into your account on xbox.com, go to 'my Microsoft account', then click the top left menu button and select 'services & subscriptions'
  7. It wasn't massive, but it was on 2 floors. I bought a portable minidisc player/recorder from there. A few kids in my year at school did their work experience there.
  8. It was at the top, unit to the right of the entrance to orchard Square. No idea what's in there now
  9. Only gig I've ever got my money back for was the sweet and mud at the city Hall. Can't remember the year, late 80s/early 90s. Mud didn't even bother turning up, and were replaced by kenny, who played their 1 hit and a load of covers, then the sweet came on, or rather Brian connolly and some session musicians. Connolly was so drunk he couldn't stand up without holding on to the mic stand, and the rest of the band had to keep reminding him which song he was supposed to be singing.
  10. It was only a matter of time, been trading on reputation for years now
  11. The only time I've seen an emergency dinghy in Sheffield, it was floating along the bottom of jenkin Road during the 2007 floods
  12. If I understand correctly, you want to connect an aerial to use with the tvs freeview tuner? In that case, the TV should have a coax socket for it. Hdmi is used for external sources, like sky/virgin boxes, games consoles etc
  13. I had a similar problem. Turned out whenever virgin pushed an update to the router it reset all the WiFi settings to default, so nothing would connect until I changed it back. Spoke to a rep on their we chat and they sent me a new router, been finevsince
  14. Wherever its going to be, judging by the untappd checkins for the one in Hillsborough, they need to seriously up their beer game if they're claiming to be Sheffields biggest craft beer bar.
  15. Announcement made this morning, they're going to be part of the new kommune project in the old brightside and carbrook building
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