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  1. To be able to sit round a table in the rutland on a Saturday afternoon with a group of mates, having a beer talking about everything and nothing. Then having a walk down to the industry tap and doing the same again, then to the beer engine, then finishing the evening with a kebabish
  2. Have you measured what's coming out of them? They might not necessarily be 120v.
  3. You don't need the disc, you can just download the drivers and software needed from HPs website
  4. Depends on the oven. A single one is, a double will be hard wired
  5. A driving school took it on last year, resurfaced a lot of it and tidied everything up, they were doing car and motorcycle training on there and were doing really well, then the council evicted them citing something about a 'danger of contamination', so it's closed again now
  6. They posted on Facebook on the 29th that it was closing for good.
  7. Neither is the Wick at both ends on West street
  8. I did the same not so long back at tesco abbeydale road. Trolley left in the trolley park with a handbag in it containing purse, house and car keys and various other bits. Handed it in at customer services in the shop, hopefully it was reunited with its owner.
  9. Went past the newish one on the shops at Greenhill on my way home last night, they were open but serving through an open window
  10. Manor top fish bar is open, but only doing 11 till 6. I've seen people queueing outside the one on Woodseats when I've passed it on my way home from work, but don't know what time it's opening till. Think there's a few doing delivery on just eat as well
  11. No it isn't. I pass it at 6am every day and the barriers are down
  12. A machine that allows a bar to put draught beer in a can to take away, then seals a lid with a ring pull on it. The name comes from a combo of can and growler. https://vinepair.com/articles/what-is-a-crowler-beer-history/ For some reason this post has been edited. Head of steam are selling crowlers. They may fill a growler if you take one in, but that's not what my post said originally
  13. Bath Hotel just started doing growlers, I'd guess other thornbridge pubs won't be far behind them
  14. A refillable glass or stainless Steel bottle with an airtight sealable lid. Head of steam have installed a crowler machine, so they can put any of their draught beers in a can to take away
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