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  1. Because there was already a food market on there, and the hedgerow market had run without any bother on division Street for the past 2 months.
  2. Id have thought Maggie Mays would be exactly what youre after http://www.maggiemayssheffield.com/
  3. Depends what you want from a pub. I went into town last week, went in the Rutland arms industry tap, beer engine, Bath hotel, and red deer, and enjoyed my time in all of them. But if your wanting to go out and drink fancy cocktails in a place where the music's so loud you can't have a conversation, you wouldn't like any of them
  4. Quoted from the pubs facebook As alot of you have heard already, the Yorkshireman will not be reopening after the lockdown is over. This is not due to the management or staff or money issues, it is because the council are doing major building work next door and demolishing then rebuilding the old co-op. Unfortunately this involves a scaffold through our dancefloor and dj booth, and may compromise the structural integrity of the Yorkshireman We are on the lookout for a new venue, so please keep this page if you are interested in seeing where we land! Personally, until we find something I will be at the Dove and Rainbow with Dawn for the time being, much thanks to her for that and I may be moving certain nights of ours down there, depending on compatibility. Its a sad day, and this is probably the actual end of the Yorkshiremen rock bar, but best wishes to you all, and I will see you soon. Thank you so much to the team who have worked there, everyone whos been there over the years has made it an amazing experience and worked really hard, and thank you to all our loyal customers, much love! John x
  5. Closed down because the coop next door was extended into half the pub. More than likely won't be coming back.
  6. Went past this morning and there were lights on inside. Doesn't mean it's open, but it's usually a good sign
  7. No. His shows been cancelled. I'm sure if he came back next year with different material they'd gladly have him back
  8. Nobody's banned anything. The city Hall have decided they don't want his particular brand of sexist, misogynistic 'humour' in their venue. There's nothing at all stopping him from moving his show to another venue in Sheffield (assuming he can find one willing to take him)
  9. As already said, old stones doesn't exist anymore. However, the Brewer at true north has rebrewed it from a recipe from one of the original Brewers, and it's sometimes available on cask in true north pubs. Nearest ones to the Moor Market are probably the old house and forum on devonshire Street
  10. So just as I said then. You can't get your own way, so youre throwing your toys out and flouncing
  11. So how does having your moderator priveleges removed stop you from answering questions and offering advice? I'll answer that for you. It doesn't. You're just throwing your toys out because the decisions been made and you don't like it.
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