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  1. spending £300 on a jacket = daft yes so why not spend £50 and look after it, you see a cared for jacket can last several years !
  2. maybe if these so called chavs had parents that gave a crap and taught them to be more responsible in the first place, then you wouldn't be sat here complaining about them now. their is only learned behaviour, look at the parents and ask why they didn't discipline their children or bring them up instead of dragging them. your daughter sounds like a charmer, is she a chav ?, maybe she will be on jeremy kyle one day eh
  3. Me and the wife have been looking at it and decided against it, home office reports say only go if absolutely necessary, basically if anything happens your on your own Not really worth the risk tbh
  4. Their was nothing to get wrong, I wasn't trying to insult just stating fact
  5. I couldn't get much better tbh, just trying to get down to your level
  6. Doesn't take a lot then does it , bless ....
  7. Yes but your assuming that's his behaviour and mentality, what about if it isnt ? Your assuming that he acts like a chav when he may not be You weren't arguing anything you just like judging people and making assumptions when you don't have a clue, because it probably makes you feel good. How do you know 'little billy' hasn't worked hard and saved up for that bike ? How do you know it isn't a case of mistaken identity and that he doesn't use it for track racing only ? you are making lots of assumptions, because it probably makes you feel clever while you do it.
  8. You haven't anything in their that would mess with the gourami tbh, their is a possibility it could be the kuhli's ie seen them stress fish out by picking at them until the fish dies then the loachs have a nice dinner, are the mollies breeding ?, if they are it could be a case of your tetras becoming to small for the tank as the tankmates are all larger fish and will keep territories, thus the tetras will be in danger tbh.
  9. And what if he isn't a chav, with a massive chav father etc ?, Are you just being pathetic because you like saying the word chav and making assumptions ?
  10. Because they can, it's quite simple Our dulled down British public only like to complain, with little action. we would see a quick change if mass strikes started, and if we all started boycotting the banks and large corporations, its the people who need to make a change instead of waiting for the toffs to realise they have done wrong and grow a heart to help the poor, it won't ever happen people they only look after themselves and their friends it's what they have been brought up to do .
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