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  1. 100% this will come in the not too distant future
  2. Sorry I have no idea There are likely many more untested cases too all around the UK (and World)
  3. Yes noticed this morning So outside of London, we have the most of any UK town/city Stay safe folks, we’re all in this together
  4. RIP Thoughts are with the family
  5. Like a few other forums I frequent - as suggestion to the admins to maybe add a separate section for Coronavirus discussions?
  6. Some shocking stats coming out of Europe today https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Italy’s confirmed cases per capita is going through the roof
  7. Sheffield has 13 cases now and 14th in the uk list of case numbers. This is up from 3 yesterday. This is gonna get really bad, really quickly
  8. 3 in Sheffield now I wonder what that number could be in maybe 2 weeks or so time
  9. It will be interesting to see how this thread develops once it hits Sheffield. I can’t imagine it will be too long coming. Asides the obvious health concerns, Im already starting to consider how this will affect my business if our government decides to lock down our cities given that virtually all my contracts are outside Sheffield.
  10. Imagine if any Chinese students had come to Sheffield forum Wuhan at the beginning of the university term
  11. Agreed. Probably the best post I’ve read on various forums all day.
  12. Hi Can anyone recommend any good local car window tinters? Thanks in advance
  13. What a disgusting reply. What is your point? Are you somewhat resentful because someone has worked very hard to do something satisfying for themselves and others and to play a part in progressing an area of our wonderful city. And especially by someone not native to our city and country. I wish Alexa and her mum all the best and am very proud of them both
  14. I imagine many people woke early this morning to the Rave Sounded like from the Grenoside area - can anyone confirm?
  15. As a business owner paying my staff weekly is much better than monthly. £10k a week is much easier to swallow than £40-50k a month especially if customers don’t pay me when expected at least if they don’t I have more chance of getting through a short term problem by paying weekly. Additionally my staff would be asking for subs after 2 weeks on monthly
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