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  1. This fine city has lagged behind most of the other major cities for decades in many aspects - all whilst a labour council has been in charge. I think it’s high time for a more progressive party to take the city forward with more ambition This will never happen as (as I perceive it) most labour voters do so because their parents, grandparents voted labour so they do as such
  2. Agreed. Probably the best post I’ve read on various forums all day.
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend any good local car window tinters? Thanks in advance
  4. What a disgusting reply. What is your point? Are you somewhat resentful because someone has worked very hard to do something satisfying for themselves and others and to play a part in progressing an area of our wonderful city. And especially by someone not native to our city and country. I wish Alexa and her mum all the best and am very proud of them both
  5. I imagine many people woke early this morning to the Rave Sounded like from the Grenoside area - can anyone confirm?
  6. As a business owner paying my staff weekly is much better than monthly. £10k a week is much easier to swallow than £40-50k a month especially if customers don’t pay me when expected at least if they don’t I have more chance of getting through a short term problem by paying weekly. Additionally my staff would be asking for subs after 2 weeks on monthly
  7. Not my experience at all. I’ve met LOADS of people far and wide on my travels that have heard of Sheffield and similarly to an above poster - I’ve had lots of foreigners say things like “I was there a couple of weeks ago” and things like “yeah I went to the Leadmill there one”. Gatecrasher is another one often quoted. In fact I’ve heard this one far more than anything about cutlery.
  8. I think it all depends on how big the English cities ‘feel’ as major urban areas despite what figures are quoted. Excluding London for obvious reasons, I’d only class Birmingham and Manchester as ‘feeling’ considerably larger (although Birmingham appears as dull and depressing as hell). Leeds feels fairly substantial around the centre but not very sprawling. Liverpool, Bristol and at a stretch Newcastle appear on par with Sheffield and that’s about it. Leicester, Nottingham, Derby etc seem MUCH smaller no matter what wikipedia etc suggests.
  9. I’ve mostly travelled around Europe most of my life so can’t really comment on the global scale but can’t recall anyone I’ve met not having heard of Sheffield and nor can I recall anyone saying anything negative about the city, quite the opposite in fact. Wish I could say the same for the natives. Im born and bred here and without wearing rose tinted spectacles I love living here. Granted, I have my own highly successful business and live in a nice area etc so am fortunate enough to experience a nice lifestyle here. I acknowledge we don’t produce the wealth of neighbouring cities like Leeds and Manchester but Sheffield is to me a far more interesting place. It’s quite hip and quirky and think we should appreciate these aspects. However, Sheffield’s big city feel is definitely starting to ramp up now. There are cranes everywhere which signifies investment in the business and residential sectors. Compared with many other medium to large English cities, Sheffield is quite unique in many ways and I think it’s a pretty good place to live. I think the the problem with many native’s negative attitude is simply because they don’t go out and explore what the city has to offer. I speak to so many locals who have no knowledge whatsoever of many places I mention that we’ve visited - including bars, restaurants, galleries, independent shops, parks/woods etc etc. And lastly - many people see some European cities (for instance) as amazing solely because the weather is usually better. I have family members who live abroad in reasonable sized cities and let me tell you, they can be the most boring places when the sun isn’t shining.
  10. Me too I’ve not seen any that offends or looks like an eyesore
  11. Having looked up Esteli on Wikipedia I’m struggling to find any similarities whatsoever?!?
  12. My experiences have been totally the opposite - a couple of examples off the top of my head:- - 2 German guys in a tobacconists in south of France “ah Sheffield, we love Sheffield!” - a waiter in a cool bar/restaurant in Formentera (from BCN) “Sheffield - amazing city!” (I suspect he have studied here)
  13. I suppose it’s officially located in Rotherham but let’s be honest, anything on the parkway side of the M1 is unofficially classed as Sheffield. They probably chose Sheffield as a good location, but the land being available in a strange and illogical boundary of Rotherham. Sheffield also has far more PR clout behind it too for such a high profile company Just my opinion
  14. Probably said many times but something needs to be done about how they sound, at least for our pets sake (it is our duty to protect them after all). All the emphasis seems to be on their volume and not their visual attributes.
  15. Sorry don’t know what you mean by that Please could you elaborate
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