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Anybody used a company called Aquaguard?

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Hi all,


I don't like salesman coming to the door offering services, but this guy from Aquaguard Roofing and Building Solutions says he will clean my plastic soffits, dormas and gutters for 60 £. As I can't do it (fear of heights) I am tempted, but I don't want to be ripped off. Have any of you got any experience with them?


They are based at Kiveton Park Industrial Estate apparently.

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hehe, no chance of that, its a new house (7 years old?) and I know the roof isn't buggered, but I am concerned they MIGHT bugger it. I tried googling them and I can't find anything at all, so unless someone on here can give a glowing reference I think I'll let it be.

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Surely UPVC fittings are designed to be maintenance free? I give ours a rinse with the pressure washer from a distance every so often but don't see that there is any point paying someone to climb up there and wash them.


Granted there may be some benefit in having your gutters cleared out of debris, leaves and so on if that is a problem. But it doesn't sound like it should take very long.


Just IMHO.

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