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  1. so bin collections should be cheaper then, or are the council pocketing the profit from our blue bins and bix's Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  2. how can the recycled profit offset bin collection when it's already funded by our council tax, or is that breakdown just for show?? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  3. Cameron is a liar anyway, attack on poverty my ass and cutting wftc for those who really need it
  4. No only if invited in, if you refuse entry then they cannot physically remove you out of the way as that's assault
  5. In order to get a court order there has to be proof of addressee living there, however bailiffs are unable to enter a private property, even with a high court order so the letter is a blatent lie, if they did enter then they would be charged by police and loose their licences lol
  6. they way behind because they doing paths that dont need doing whilst someone still patching the roads with bodged up temp fixes, im sorry but there MUST be someone at scc in charge of payments to amey
  7. whats happened to doing all the roads???, or has that been quietly dropped by scc?
  8. from a travel point of view, travelling via road in the eu, britain are not in the free movement agreement unlike the rest of europe, so im sorry but im for us leaving the eu anyway...what do we GAIN in the eu?
  9. just seen this in the news today..so wonder what scc going to do about all their diesel bus's that are in the city centre, looks like we gonna have to loose them all to comply with court order!!
  10. thats if they still in business, and as for ms dore not answering, perhaps another email reminding hdr that sheisem0loyed by us and we can vote for someone else if she not up to the job!!
  11. can you believe it, 80% of our roads in Sheffield are still like 3rd world state but Kier and SCC want pavements done...how about fixing the roads before making the rest nice, and its not due to new lighting work either before someone states that as they working on pavements that have old lighting and completed it Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  12. lets face it, Kier couldnt/ shouldnt really run anything, the shoddy way they repair/ upgrade council stock is frankly shocking, so something made scc give them the contract and it wasnt work quality!!
  13. why are scc selling land off when they need new housing stock?, massive bit of land being sold by kier at top of blackstock road...its criminal waste!!
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