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  1. Have you contacted Yorkshire Water about this ? They'll come and do some checks for you but if its surface water then you'll need to instal a pump.
  2. Hardcores at bottom of Herris Rd or Pagets on Broadfield Rd have a decent selection on show.
  3. There called cripples for a reason !
  4. Thanks Tony. Glad to be of service. Send me a copy of the property advert on email to sheffprop@gmail.com. Ill give you an estimate based on the photos. If you want to go further we can arrange a site visit to firm up a price. It'd be October before we could actually book you in as things stand. Dan
  5. Maybe SCC could/should put pressure on whoever responsibility it is to carry out the repair ?
  6. All bar one of the front windows boarded up but customers in there when I drove past today. So doubt its a fire.
  7. Lets hope we can get some decent young players onboard. Were a sleeping giant (he says hopefully).
  8. I know Russ and know his house as we used to be neighbours so am happy to give free accurate advice.
  9. You'll need steels for taking the kitchen wall out as its load bearing. Bathroom is fine without.
  10. Remember at the first lockdown when all the big stores closed and we all decided it was a great idea to support the small local independent shops ? Ahh, they were great times weren't they. Meadow who ?
  11. Check out the recommended tradesmen thread. Anyone who's been on here a while should be OK as the 'chancers' get found out very quickly. Everyones really busy at the moment so I'd say you'll be looking at late summer for the work to be done. As for scaffolding, only a site survey/visit will determine if the contractor is prepared to do the job from ladders.
  12. We can't offer to quote for this due to forum rules 😱 My advice would be to contact anyone who's been on here for a while as the idiots get found out very quickly.
  13. I agree mate. We've done nothing all season to deserve to stay in this league.
  14. The season has been over for us a long time now. Its league one for us next season without a doubt. Not a problem, saves us the embarrassment of you lot smashing 5 or 6 past us.
  15. Anyone with a Class 1 waste carriers licence can take asbestos away. If we weren't so busy I'd offer to quote.
  16. Lets be real here, the Thunderbirds couldn't save us from relegation.
  17. Surely the builder fitted the tiles as specified by the architect so isn't it the architects fault ?
  18. Ive never had a bad customer in Walkley so I'd say its all good. The biggest issue I have is parking. It can be a bloody nightmare.
  19. If its a 1970's house the roofing underfelt will be bitumen based. could be that ??? Not sure why they would have needed to use any kind of sealant or glue up there. Have you been into the loft when the smell is present ? See if it smells the same up there.
  20. The road has collapsed. The area has a fence round it.
  21. Were you drunk when you made that score prediction ?
  22. Moore out. (just getting in there first!!!).
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