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Where do you get your car washed?


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Living in a flat I have no water access and my car is filthy! Any decent car washes out there who take care of your car? Thanks


I'm sure you must have been driving around with your eyes shut if you've not noticed any mate! There's dozens of them all over Sheffield - almost as common as indian and chinese takeaways they are.


I sometimes use the one at the bottom of Ecclesall Road. They are pretty good - very fast and only used to charge £6.50 for my big 4x4 - which I thought was good. (but no doubt some will scream blue murder at paying that and tell me that I shouldn't be driving a 4x4 anyway).:)

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Answer to the OP's question, anywhere other than one of those hand car washes that have sprung up in disused garages or petrol stations. I like to think that i can see some sort of receipt, it might lead to the tax man seeing some contribution to the economy.

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