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Where do you get your car washed?


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I always use the one next to the garage and burger king, near the old bread factory. Go down past the Wednesday ground and straight over at the roundabout. Always do a good job.


I used Queens road once but they left dirt on the lower panels of all the doors!

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I for one quite enjoy the fact that my car is scratch and swirl free.


How did it get that way? Simple, I do not trust it with either a machine or another human.


If they drop the sponge do you really think it gets binned?


plus, there is nothing worse for your car than a chamois.



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There are certain older people wth severe health problems who have always

washed their own car. . . until now. Grovelling on the floor to clean the wheels is not fun anymore.


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You stay sat inside like you would with an automatic car wash.


But automatic car washes don't clean the cills or underneath the doors where the salt does most damage.I don't want to be sat in it while the hand car washers do that either!

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I used to take mine to the petrol station and use the jetwash, only cost £3.50. Due to it being a soft-top I couldn't take it in the automatic ones. I tried the hand car wash where you pay them to wash it for you, but ended up getting wet sat in the car when the water found it's way through the tiny gaps :(

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Treat your pride and joy to be professionally cleaned/clayed or machine polished once and covered in proper protection wax/sealant (not a £1-2 extra for speed wax/polish that lasts a week if lucky) that will keep it cleaner for longer and then do the maintenance washes yourself or get a professional company to keep it looking its best by using safe washing techniques.

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